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I woke up early and went home *cough* my head is aching I got a phone call "Hello?" I asked my voice hoarse "Oh my god love are you ok?" Daniel asked in his morning voice but worried at the same time "I'm *sneeze* fine *sneeze*" I said trying to hide it "No I'm coming and bringing you everything you need right now" he said hanging before I could say anything. Minutes later I heard a knock but he had already opened it "Ashley are you upstairs!" He yelled coming up with some medicine and some soup from Panera "How'd you?" I asked but stopped when he shoved a thermometer in my mouth "Wow I didn't know I had another mother" I said annoyingly. "You love me" he said taking it out of my mouth and checking it "Your temperature is pretty high but how about we just watch movies and cuddle" he said smiling and getting in the bed with me "Uhhh let's watch-aaachoo! American Idol season 14" I said winking at him because he was in that season. But he turned red in embarrassment "Awe I can't wait to see little Dani" I said coughing after "Yea but calm down you're still sick" he said kissing my temple, "Yea but that can't c-c-aachoo!" I sneezed again so I just took Daniel's advice and calmed down the show was finally starting. Even though I skipped some episodes so we could watch his audition and he finally popped up "Oh my god you were so cute" I said squeezing him while my voice was getting higher "Ew no the cringe way real" he said hiding in my neck while I laughed. As we watched him sing "The voice cracks oh noo!" He said plugging his ears when the episode was finally over I skipped all the parts where Lovey was in it because I don't like her obviously. "You are to cute when your jealous you're like a tiny firecracker" he said laughing so I nudged him in the rib followed by a 'Ow!' So I smiled accomplishment. As we were watching another episode Daniel pinched me "What the freak Daniel!" I yelled sitting up "What are you talking about?" He asked  playing stupid, "I'm not dumb why did you pinch me that hurt" I said rubbing my arm "That's for hitting me in the rib" he said sticking his tongue out at me so I slapped with a pillow which led him falling back on the bed, but then I stopped when little was on the stage I couldn't hell but adore the younger version of him he looks so sweet but now he's just so annoying. "I love you" he said sitting back up "I'm sure you do" I said patting his arm "So you don't love me" he said pulling me as close as ever to his face and body "Maybe" I said teasingly but then he leaned in but I put my hand over my lips so he wouldn't get sick "No Daniel you're gonna ge-" but I was cute off by a kiss but I ended it shortly "Now youre gonna get sick and I don't seeing you feeling bad!" I said irritated right now "So she cares about me!" He said fake crying "You make no sense" I said snuggling back in the covers "Say something interesting" he whispered to the camera "Justice for Barb! I said pointing to my shirt while be laughed so hard which made me laugh and fall off the bed. "Ow!" I said getting up. "Catch me!" I said running to Daniel while he was standing up and I ran while caught and I wrapped my legs around his torso and he spun me around "Ok that was fun but I'm hungry" he said and I got down and followed him downstairs all hr bought me was soup and he had Chipotle and he bought me soup! Really Daniel I thought mentally rolling my eyes. "Eat your soup" he said munching on his good food "No! I want your food" I said pushing the bowl away and grabbing his barrito and taking a bite but what I didn't know was his food is really spicy. So rushed to the bathroom quickly "Are you okay!?" He asked running behind me and I just threw up in the toilet and he held my hair. "Okay I think I'm go-Nope NEVERMIND!" I said turning back. I was finally done so I took a shower,changed my clothes, and especially brushed my teeth.

"Are you good now?" Daniel asked lightly chuckling "Yup" I said putting my wet hair into a messy bun "Hey is that my shirt?" he asked confusingly "Because if it is you should wear them way more often" he said giving me a full toothed smile which w...

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"Are you good now?" Daniel asked lightly chuckling "Yup" I said putting my wet hair into a messy bun "Hey is that my shirt?" he asked confusingly "Because if it is you should wear them way more often" he said giving me a full toothed smile which was adorable "Well just give me a bag of your clothes then, specifically hoodies" I said  smiling then I sat on the couch. I feel a little better because Daniel gave me some good medicine "Thanks for taking care of me" I said giving him a enormous hug "I would do anything and everything for you" he said while I was getting lost in his scent "Ashley!? Hey are you asleep!?".
Just a random chapter idk🙂🙃.

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