A Girl

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We flew back to L.A. first thing in the morning we went back on the jet and it was a girl who was riding with us she sat right in my seat next to Daniel so I sat next to Jack and Zach we took a million snapchats and Instagram stories like always but I kept hearing Daniel and that girl laughing and flirting. Finally the plane stopped and I grabbed my stuff and immediately called an Uber home. When I got there I changed my clothes and did my hair I didn't really do any makeup because I wasn't in the mood so I just put some sunglasses on. I heard someone open the door and I grabbed my tazer because I knew who it was but I wanted to taze him when I went downstairs it was Daniel so I tazed him in the arm "ow what the heck" he said while rubbing his arm "oh, I'm sorry did that hurt?" I said innocently "so why'd you come here?" I asked truthfully. "I came to see you duh" he said while grabbing my waist but I dodged it "what?" He asked "umm nothing" I said fake smiling and walked to the cabnets "no tell me" he said stepping in front of me. "Well-"wait actually I think I know. You're mad about Ally aren't you because if you are she's just a friend of mine you know I will never hurt you" he said intertwining both of our hands together. "Sooo what do you wanna do today?' I asked "lets just have a you and me day" he said sitting on the couch "ok but first lets go shopping" I said grabbing him up and he went to drive his car we went to the mall bought some stuff then to to their house to just chill. Logan was there so he was naturally vlogging then Daniel and I came in holding hands and laughing they were all in the backyard then Logan said "well,well,well if isn't the lovebirds" while putting the camera towards us "they grow up so fast" he said while wiping a fake tear while I laughed at him. Then I started playing with Kong and Brendan was making a cute little montage of Kong and I. "Danielll and Ashleyy!!" Logan yelled and we both came over "so you know how you guys are dating" he said while we nodded "you guys should kiss for the vlog" he said while talking to his camera then Daniel twirled me and dipped me then he kissed me on the lips softly "that's mah boiii!!" Logan yelled and I just smiled and walked in the house "hey bestie" Zach said while standing next to me but I just chuckled and said "only girls say that"  then I gave him a pat on the shoulder. Then I started getting non-stop texts from Mark so I replied to some of them I checked my twitter and Justin Bieber followed me so I was jumping up in down not noticing anyone was in here everyone was giving me a confused look. "Are you good bro?" Logan said while giving me the survey then I added an option that said No Justin Bieber just followed me on Twitter. Then he read it out load to the vlog and the boys heard and they all said "cool" "just cool, he's like so hot" I said sitting on the couch "what about me?" Daniel said fake pouting "awww your hot too" I said while kissing him on the cheek "but not as hot" I whispered very lightly but Jack heard me and started cracking up so did I. Then the boys put on some music and we all started dancing to Air of the Night it was funny watching Zach attempt to smooth step so I pulled him directly in front of me and tried to teach him. "Ok Zach watch me" then I did it very slowly "now you try" I said hopefully but we still failed to succeed "nice try Zach" said Daniel "lets dance" said Daniel while dancing over to me so we had a little dance battle I started to dance and I won obviously. Hours later it was late and I slept over their house for the night.

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