Corbyn's Birthday

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It has been weeks since thanksgiving and I still feel stuffed, but today I'm risking my entire life to wear a crop top with shorts. I didn't put on any makeup or contacts but then I remembered today is Corbyn's birthday "Daniel take Corbyn out of the house so I can set up the surprise" I said, while making a gigantic group chat to tell people what's going on. When I was done I decided to make people dress nice but not fancy "Daniel take him to the mall to pick out something to wear tonight" I said "Happy Birthday Corbyn" I said hugging him "Why thank you" he said hugging me back. I gave Christina a plane ticket ahead of time so she's coming too. That will be his big surprise, I also had to look for something nice to wear too since I was the host. I cleaned the whole house even the bathroom, then I did tye whole set up in the backyard and we got Eben to DJ and I bought a whole bunch of snacks and everything to decorate the yard with. "Look you looking like a little nerd" Zach said pushing my glasses up for me, "Thanks" I said putting everything in place. "You look adorable with your glasses you should wear them more often" Zach said helping me set stuff "Only if you wear your hair down" I said, "You win" he said walking away. "Wow look at my princess being all creative" Daniel said, as I turned around he kissed me roughly " I haven't did that all day" Daniel said with his arms around my waist "Okay okay I guess I did miss your kisses today" I said smiling as he pushed my glasses up. Corbyn finally came back and we tried our best sneaking people in the backyard. Eben came just to pretend visit and it was getting a little darker and more people was filling in so I decided to get ready

 Eben came just to pretend visit and it was getting a little darker and more people was filling in so I decided to get ready

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I put my hair in a high sleek ponytail I straighten and curled my hair to make it more partyish if that's even a word. "Why are you all dressed up?" Corbyn asked, "Uh I'm going to a party tonight" I said, "Oh" Corbyn said sadly eating some chips. I tried to hold my laughter in, "Okay guys when he comes back here you throw the balloons and confetti and say "SURPRISE" I said going inside to tell peopke to go in the backyard "Christina! Hey" I said excitingly "Thank you for flying me out here" She said hugging me "Hey any closw friend of Corbyn is a friend of mine, oh and head in the backyard" I said pointing behind me. I rushed back inside when I rushed into Corbyn "Who were you talking to outside?" He asked "Go change your coming to a party with me" I said pushing him upstairs without letting him have a say. "You look beautiful" Daniel whispered in my ear "Oh my Daniel stop!!" I said frightened as he laughed "It's not funny" I said pushing him "Oh I got something really funny" I said messing up his hair "No you didn't" Daniel said giving me a death glare. "I love you" I said kissing his cheek and going to the backyard "OK EVERYONE GET READY!!" I said walking inside to get Corbyn "Um Corbyn I need help there's an animal in the backyard!" I said internally laughing I pulled him in the backyard "I don-"SUPRISE!!!" Everyone said, "Happy Birthday Corbyn" Christina said and he turned around and they ran to each other and gave each other a loving hug. My eyes started to tear up because of how cute this was "Are you crying love?" Daniel asked laughing "Yes they're so cute" I said wiping the tears off my face. "But not as cute as you" Daniel said wrapping and arm around my waist. "Thank you so much for doing all of this you didn't have to" Corbyn said hugging me "It was really nothing" I said playing it cool. "YES I DID IT!!" I yelled when he went to dance with Christina. Daniel laughed at me from my sudden outburst. Eben played the best songs even some of my favorites. We sung happy birthday to Corbyn and we ate some cake, today was super fun. When everyone started leaving I changed and cleaned up it was really hard. "Hey you need some help?" Corbyn said coming out "No I'm fine I mean it's your birthday after all" I said shooing him away "No it's the least I could do you planned all of this for me" he said, "Okay well grab a trash bag and broom" I said continuing to clean.
"Ok I think we're done" I said tying the bag up "So why did you really do all of this?" Corbyn asked "Um I just wanted to thank you for letting me talk to you about my Daniel problems I was probably really annoying" I said and I walked back in the house. "Finally now you and I can cuddle." Daniel said practically dragging me upstairs "Well I can't cuddle I have to shower first" I said going in the bathroom "Huhhhh" Daniel sighed dramatically. In the middle of the shower I felt a cold wet substance on my head "AHHHH!" I screamed then I heard a laughing Daniel "I'm gonna kill you!!" I yelled getting out and putting on my pajamas "Listen we can talk about this" He aaid laughing "There's no talking" I said jumping on him while punching him. That's how we ended our night.

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