Being Edgy

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I woke up to a curly head Jack in my bed. Then I heard his phone ding once, twice, then three times so I looked at it and it was from My girl❤😘 it said "hey babe where are you" and some other stuff like that. So I pushed him off my bed onto the floor he looked confused then he walked out and I threw his phone out my room too. Then I got up and put some clothes on today I felt bad I did not want to talk to no one my temper felt short today. Sometimes my attitude is based on my outfits my clothes were a little dark today I headed downstairs and saw everyone with annoyed faces then I saw Christina abd I flipped "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!" I said grabbing her arm and walking her to the door but someone grabbed me and I fell it was Corbyn "DON'T TOUCH HER LIKE THAT!!" he said full of anger "OK WELL ALL OF YOU JUST GET OUT" I said pointing to the door. "Great I never liked you anyways" Corbyn said then Christina laughed "you know what you little bi- nevermind just go I never want to talk to you ever and never come to or in my house"

Daniels P.O.V.
I've never him or her this mad before Christina is turning Corbyn into someone else.

Ashley's P.O.V.
Everyone left and I was mad. He said he never liked me but I helped him when I first met him. I was sitting on my bed and I blocked Corbyn on everything. Then I called Hunter he didn't answer so I just texted him and. Minutes later I took a nap. When I woke up I changed my clothes into anything and I heard a knock on my door. It was Daniel he brought his guitar and I let him in. "What do you want" I said annoyed then he put his guitar down and put my arms around his neck and he hugged me. "I just wanted to accompany you I know you were mad so I'm gonna help" he said with that adorable smile of his. Then I gave him another hug while smiling "this why you're awesome" I said while kissing him on the cheek. "Any song request?" He asked while tunning his guitar "nope anything you want" I answered. He started to sing Youth by Troye Sivan it was really awesome he looked at me and smiled while singing and I smiled back at him looking in his eyes and I snapped a picture of him. He laughed at me and I laughef with him how does this boy turn frowns upside down then some one sent me a video of Daniel on American Idol then I turned it on and Daniel was red in embarrassment "awee look at little Daniel" I said in a squeaky voice. "You were so cute" I said "I'm not cute now" Daniel said fake pouting "aweee you're still cute" I said patting him on the shoulder. After Daniel and I hung out he left shortly and I watched Netflix and ate Icecream for the rest of the day.

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