I Like You

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We woke up to get in the bus to go to our next destination and today my allergies were bad. I took some medicine hoping it will kick in soon. Daniel let me sleep in his bunk on the bus because he knew I wasn't feeling good. "Hey love are you doing okay?" Daniel asked kneeling down to my level. "Yep I'm doing-achoo" I said while sneezing in the muddle of it "fine" I finished. "Did you take your medicine?" He asked and I nodded smiling because he was so careful. "Well feel better" he said kissing my nose and cheek. "And I love you" he said walking backwards while running into the wall. I laughed lightly at him while he rubbed his head. "Awe my bestfriend is not feeling well, feel better" Zach said while recording me then gave me a hug. When we got to Chicago we went in our hotel as usual. My medicine kicked so I took a shower and left my hair down but I parted my hair to the side because I'm sick and tired of my hair it's so boring. When I got done I did my makeup. "Hey I see someone's feeling better" Zach said putting his arm around me. "Hey love" Daniel said hugging me from behind "hi" I said smiling "you feeling better I see" he said "yep" I said turning around to face him "are you gonna kiss? Cause if so let me go to the bathroom and puke" Jonah said and we were all laughing at him. "I'm going to get food" I said walking towards "ooo food I'm coming!" Zach said "okay?" I said while walking out the door. As I was walking out the door I was trying to multi task even though I'm clumsy I ran into the wall and my phone went flying thank god Zach caught it "thank you so much" I said getting up "you are so clumsy" Zach said while laughing. "Thank you" I said smiling "so what are we eating" He asked while we walked outside "um I don't really know really know" I said so we walked to some Mexican food place when we got in there we grabbed our food and started to walk anywhere "oh my Canada this is so spicy" I said continuing to eat it. "Same" Zach said. Then I took a picture of Jack saying 'Look At His Hair' after that we headed to the venue because their concert was in like 5 hours "Hey Ashley" Zach said grabbing my wrist and stopping me from walking "yea?" I say stopping "I have to tell you something" he said "yea tell me anythibut I said looking at him "look I don't how to say this but I like you a lot but I know you're dating Daniel but I just want you to know" he said but I froze because I didn't know what to do or say buy I just took a deep breathe closed my eyes eyes and said "okay let's head to the venue" But he didn't respond I called an Uber and the car ride was silent. When we got to the venue we walked in still silent and I was still feeling weird about what Zach said. I feel like I don't know what I feel anymore are we still gonna be friends? I should talk to someone about it "Ashley" I heard but I kept ranting in my head "Ashley" someone said but I didn't respond "Ashley!" "What?!" I said getting annoyed but then I noticed who it was "oh I'm sorry" I said putting my head in my hands "you seem streesed come here" Daniel said opening his arms then I gave him a hug and buried my head in his neck he rubbed my back then kissed my nose "I love you" he whispered in my ear and I smiled "is it anything you want to tell me?" He asked taking his fingers to lift my chin up " uh nope I'm gonna head back to the hotel and take a nap" I said walking out I made it to the hotel and changed immediately and that was my day.

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