Not Good Enough Pt.2

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Maybe I'm not good enough for him....To Be Continued

"D-daniel I th-think I'm to bad for y-you I keep hurting you" I said stuttering starting to cry then he looked up at me sadly "No I'm sorry don't cry I was just-I was just jealous because you're mine" he said standing walking closer "Why would you ever think that I'm in love with Zach?" I asked calmly "I don't know but I'm sorry for lashing out on you" he said pulling me into a bone crushing hug "It's ok alright Daniel I love you" I whispered in his neck then he began to sniff "Daniel please stop crying love" I said putting my hands on his face and I kissed him softly on the lips and he smiled in the kiss "You are the best girlfriend ever" He whispered on my lips "I know" I said smiling we then herd a knock "Come in!" Daniel yelled and it was Corbyn "Are you guys good cause I heard some yelling,andd Logan's party is in an hour so get ready" Corbyn said "Um yeah we're good" Daniel said looking at me then Corbyn gave us a thumbs up and left "I got an ideaaa!" I squealed "What?" Daniel said looking at his phone "We should be twinziesss!"  I squealed again "I swear if your voice gets that high pitched again your going to crack the windows" Daniel said "shut up" I said slapping him softly "Did you just slap me?" Daniel asked raising his eyebrows "Maybe... Hey we should get dressed I'll bring some clothes in here" I said racing into my room to grab loads of clothes and makeup.
After like 30 minutes we finally compromised on a nice looking outfit "Ok done with outfits now for my hair and makeup" I said, "Ashleyy you don't need all of that" Daniel whined gesturing to all my makeup products. "You're beautiful" he whispered wrapping his arms around my waist behind me, "Daniel stopp" you whined "Why should I?" he whispered in my neck while softly kissing it "Stop I have to finish" I said starting "Huh finee" he sighed squeezing my waist then leaving the bathroom I finally finished everything and walked out Daniel was still there looking at his phone "Hey" I said "Hi- Holy Smokes you look gorgeous!" Daniel yelled with his eyes wide then he began to take pictures of me "Ok Daniel that's getting weird let's go" I said pulling him up. We went downstairs and saw the rest of the boys down there "Hey you re-zayummm!" Jack said looking me up and down "Ok stop staring at my girlfriend" Daniel said and we all left to drive to Logan's. We got there and it was packed as always with loud music "Lets have some fun!!" Daniel yelled pulling me inside and I smiled at his excitement "Yea!" I said he dragged me to the dance floor and we started dancing to Swalla by Jason Derulo after 20 minutes then I went to go get a drink and saw my friend Alex "Oh Alex hey!" I said "Hey" he said "So you enjoying the party?" He asked and I nodded "Well see ya" I said leaving to look for Daniel, he was not where I left him. I don't really know where he was but I kept looking pushing threw crowds of people but it was no use so I just when back in the kitchen and sat on the counter on my phone. I texted Hunter and told him I was at a party and for about an hour I was laughing and texting. Daniel still hadn't showed up so I got bored and went outside on the balcony it wasn't as loud so I just sat there on one of the huge bean bags. I waited and Daniel still wasn't there "Hey" I heard somebody familiar say "Oh, hey Jack" I breathed out turning around "So why are you out here? Where's Daniel?" Jack asked sitting in the same bean bag "Hey this is mine!" I yelled trying to push him "You're name's not on it" he said pushing me off "What- Heyy!" I yelled getting up rolling my eyes then I charged for him "Woahh princess" he said grabbing onto my waist "Let me  go noodles!" I said taking his arms from around me "Why should I" He whispered slurred then I realized he was like half drunk. "Ok let's go we need to get you home" I said pulling his arm then I called a Uber for just us and we drove to my house. "Here drink this" I said giving him some water "Thanks" He said winking how did I end up with a drunk Jack I thought then I turned over and Jack was gone "Jack" I say "Jack!" I said louder then I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist "What the heck!!" I yelled frightened "Why are you so frightened, here I'll sing to you" He said slurring his words he sung Say You Wont Let Go by James Arthur until he fell asleep on the second part on the couch. He was finally meaning I can sleep good now, but I stayed downstairs just to make sure he would sleep fine I slept on the smaller couch.
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