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How am I gonna tell Daniel? When am I gonna tell him? Oh shoot he's waking up act like you just woke up do-"good morning" he said say something what are you doing stop acting dumb "uh helloo" he said "yea?" I said getting up "hey what's up with you?" He asked "um I'm gonna go get breakfast?" I said as more of a question walking backwards slowly to the door then I quickly ran out "woahh slow down" Jack said "noo I can't have to k-keep go-going n-" I tried talking but I couldn't "what happened? Are you alright?" He asked but I was paying no attention "hey look at me" he said putting both hands on my shoulders "I'm f-fine I just-I just" I said but failing then I didn't even notice but it was tears falling down my face. He was calling me but I tuned it out and kept walking out the building. By this time I was walking bumping into like 50 people I saw a crowd of photographers and I tried to see who it was but it was to late I started walking to a breakfast place until I bumped into something hard I looked up and it was THE Shawn Mendes!! "Sor-woahhh you're Shawn Mendes!!" I said my eyes getting wide "yea that's me" he responded as I was trying not to seem like a crazed "well I'm-"your Ashley Gardener right I talked to your dad once about dome stuff" he said cutting me off "well where are you rushing to?" He asked politely "um breakfast" I said like a dork "may I join?" He asked why is he asking me what the heck is going on here "sure" I said without thinking what is going onn?!! He followed me threw the people and to a little breakfast place it was nicely organized and decorated. We talked and ate and I decided to go back to the hotel "let's take a selfie" he said and it surprisingly looked good because I was in a t-shirt and leggings with my hair in a messy bun and no makeup. I left back to the hotel not ready to face Daniel or anyone so I quickly went inside the elevator hoping no one was there when I swiped the card and opened the door carefully just in case someone was in here. Luckily no one was there so I thought but then I opened the bathroom door and saw Daniel with wet hair and no towel I didn't dare to look down he turned the deepest shade of red I'd ever seen "Um yea imma just" I say while backing away slowly and closing the door. What the heck just happened I almost seen Daniel...eww no oh my goodness I thought but those got cut off by Daniel coming out but fully clothed this time. "The bathro"yeah I know" I said cutting him off "I'll just" I said while pointing to the bathroom door walking awkwardly. I did everything I needed to do and came out "hey Daniel" I said awkwardly "can we not talk about what just happened previously" he said adorably but awkward at the same time it was so cute "sure" I said lying "I know you're lying" he said walking towards me "no I'm not" I said trying to hold a straight face "so you're gonna forget about it" he said not believing me "but Daniel can we talk" I said seriously "always" he said and I sat on the bed "so basically that party that we went to last night I kinda sorta kissed Zach by misteak thinking it was you" I said nervously "oh" was all he said "I know I don't know what's going on with me  Daniel but for your sake I think you should brake up with me" I said sadly looking into my lap "look I know it's kind of hard for you because your around 5 attractive males but no I'm not gonna break up with you because I love you" hperfecand I stared at him in awe because he's so perfect "Daniel your so amazing" I said crawling behind him on the bed then I wrapped my arms around his chest pulled him back then my legs around his torso "are you having fun back there?" He asked playfully "maybe, maybe not" I said kissing his cheek.

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