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I woke up in Daniel's bed and I grabbed my luggage he woke up right after me and he grabbed his luggage "Bye mom,dad and Anna!!" He yelled and they waved.  We headed to the airport "I'm gonna be even more jet lagged than I already am" I breathed as our uber pulled up "Well at least you can sleep in Paris" Daniel said putting our stuff in the trunk. The drive was silent because I have nothing to say I was really tired. "Don't sleep just yet here's our stop" Daniel whispered pulling me out the car. Then I took my bags and stuff, we
went in to the airport and waited for the longest.
(Skip the flight)
We were finally on Paris and by the way Daniel bought me first class seats I didn't even know how to thank him. But I was to tired you say anything. "Come on here's our hotel" Daniel said as we were waking down the streets of Paris. I've always wanted to go here because everyone says this where you go with your true love, but I would never think I would actually be going here with my true love. "Anddd this is our hotel room" he said opening it slowly. "Oh my gosh Daniel why would you buy a hotel room so fancy!" I said slapping his arm "Because I wanted you to be happy" he said shyly "You will always make me happy no matter what" I said dragging my suitcase to a bed because they were two. "I thought we would cuddle?" Daniel asked "Nah I'm good I need space because I'm tired" I said flopping on the bed "And don't sleep to long we got a date tonight" Daniel said winking "Yea okay" I said closing my eyes.
~5 hours later~
Wow I must've been really tired because it's 3:45 I thought slowly opening my eyes. "Finally you're up!" Daniel jumping next to me "You've been sleep for five hours straight!" Daniel said and he sounded just like a little kid which made me laugh "But honestly you should be getting ready our date is in 2 hours"  he said and my eyes shot open "What only 2 hours?!!" I yelled rushing to my suitcase. "Relax you'll be fine" he said and I tried so hard to restrain myself from slapping him with this suitcase. I rushed to the bathroom to freshen up. I straightened my hair and did my makeup, my outfit was fancy because I believe that Paris has very fancy resteraunt. When I came out Daniel was looking down at his phone "Daniel don't look up it's a surprise" I said and he nodded while walking to the bathroom without looking. He was done and he still didn't look. "Now you can look" I said and he turned around slowly and scanned me from head to toe "You" he said losing his words

 "You really think so? I didn't really do much" I said shrugging and walking out the door

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"You really think so? I didn't really do much" I said shrugging and walking out the door. "Dinner here we come" Daniel said grabbing my hand and pulling me out the hotel. "So where are going?" I asked "We are going to a fancy restaurant" he said smiling adorably at me. We caught a cab to the place and the driver was pretty funny so Daniel and I were laughing the whole time. The cab stopped and the man told us the cab ride is on him but I gave him cash anyways. "He was pretty funny" Daniel said grabbing my hand  again. We walked in and everyone looked good in here. "Hi how may I help you" a lady spoke sweetly "Um reservations for Seavey please" he said making me go head over hills for him. It's just how smooth he said I don't know "Oh okay follow me" she said and we did but we were eating somewhere else "Annd here's is your seats" she said pointing to the balcony at a table for two. Might I add she had a pretty cool french accent,but half the people here didn't even speak English. "Daniel....stop" I said gesturing to the table while he was recording me. "You're gonna make me cry and this makeup isn't waterproof" I said fanning my eyes "I love you" I said hugging him "I love you too" he said putting his phone away and pulling my seat out.  "This is the best view ever" I said looking at the Eiffel Tower  "Daniel how can I repay you?" I asked truthfully "With your love" he said grabbing my hand "No Daniel I feel bad" I said "Well you shouldn't you should feel special....because I never treated even Lovey like this" Daniel said softly "Well thank you" I said. "They also have the best pasta here from what I've heard" Daniel said wiggling his eyebrows "You are so dumb" I laughed "Only for you" he said and I rolled my eyes.

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