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Today we were going to New York because the boys have lots of plans there. But they were coming back from their trip out of the country so I haven't seen Daniel since I was sick that day; I really miss him. So to take my mind off of it I went to the movies bored and alone I didn't enjoy it so I left as soon as it ended. When I left I started walking and thinking until I got a text from Daniel, this is the first text I got from him in weeks he asked 'where are u?' So I walked in the mall to find something 'In the mall at Forever 21' I texted back. While I was looking threw shirts I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see a smiling Daniel "OH MY GOSH!" I yelled a little to loudly causing attention and I hugged him tightly so did he I think I even started to cry a little "Are you crying?" He asked pulling away and smiling "S-sorry I missed to much" I said stuttering and his face softened and pulled me back into a hug "Did you find her yet?" Corbyn asked walking towards us and I gave them all a huge hug especially Zach "So did you guys have fun?" I asked wiping stone tears and away "Yea it was fun but the weather was wayy different" Zach said showing me pics and videos "And lots of interviews and  beautiful accents" Corbyn said while I laughed. We all walked out "Oh and we are flying to New York and you can't say no because I already bought your ticket" he said quickly "You're lucky I have emergency suitcases" I said walking ahead to my house to grab all my stuff and we headed to the boys house.
I woke up on the couch with my head on Daniel's lap and my feet in Jonah's face. Being Jonah he woke up and pushed my feet with lots of forced and I rolled off the couch "Reallyyy?" I said groaning "What's going on?" Jack asked half asleep "Oh um nothing"I said and I got up and stretched "No come back I love your presence" Daniel whined sleepily "I know but Jonah decided to push me off the couch" I said, "Well don't have your feet in my face" he said and I rolled my eyes "Ok how you two stop arguing so we can catch our flight" Corbyn said and everyone was up and out the door. We grabbed all of our stuff and headed out to get our Uber. We waited for a few minutes then the driver came and we were off to the airport.
When we got to New York it was busy as usual and we got to our hotel room Zach&Jonah shared, Corbyn&Jack shared, and Daniel&I shared a room as usual. I got ready because the guys are gonna be on TRL today and I'm going to be watching. This is going to be fun. "Love hurry up!" Daniel said knocking "Just come in!" I yelled back "So that's why it takes you so long" Daniel said sliding his arms around my waist "You don't need all of that" he said resting his chin on my shoulder "Yea yea" I said, while putting on some lip gloss "No seriously" he said in a serious tone "I guess" I said sighing and walking out of the bathroom "You Ready now?" He asked and I nodded just taking a look at him while he was focused on his phone I was just staring at him "Daniel...." I said still smiling "Huh what? Why are you looking  at me like that?" He asked nervously "I have something to tell you" I sang "What?" He asked looking at me. "You look hot today" I said, grabbing my stuff and walking out of the door "I try" he said jokingly wiping fake dust off his shoulder. We were in the hallway the sametime the other boys were "Oh my gosh were how does this happen!? I asked Zach because we were almost completely matching "Wait I actually think Corbyn and I match more, though this shirt is yellow" I said as we walked outside

 We were in the hallway the sametime the other boys were "Oh my gosh were how does this happen!? I asked Zach because we were almost completely matching "Wait I actually think Corbyn and I match more, though this shirt is yellow" I said as we walk...

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  We took a cab to the building and we got there quick, we were all waiting in the back but I was in the crowd while they got on the little stage. They were asked questions and stuff then they played a celebrity crush game or something then they did another asking the celebrity out. It was hilarious but I did get jealous but I won't let that get the best of me, so I clapped with the fans and then they performed a song and talked a little more. They started talking about relationships Oh no! Here comes blushing Daniel I thought while shaking my head. "So I know two of you guys have girlfriends tell us about  them?" The girl asked "My girlfriend is back at home so its long distance but it's cool" Corbyn said, "Well Ashley is staying in L.A. For a while and we all love her" Daniel said why they agreed with him "She's here" Zach said and I waved. The interview was finally over and we went to get food "I'm sooo hungry!" I groaned "Were almost there" Daniel said as we pulled up to good old Panera and I got a bagel and ate it really fast "Slow down!" The boys said in unison "Oh sorry" I said with a mouthful of bread "That's disgusting" Corbyn said scrunching his nose. We went back to just chill at the hotel and look at fan pages.

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