Lovey James

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I was going to see Daniel today but when I went to the guys house I saw a blonde haired blue eyed girl talking to my blue eyed boy and laughing. He looked genuinely happier with her. "Oh Dani is this your friend!?" She asked happily "Oooo" I heard Jonah whisper as he pushed me behind him "Don't beat her just yet" Corbyn said putting his arm around my shoulders in a friendly way "Just chillax" Jack said reassuringly "No cat fight" Zach said laughing "I'm his girlfriend" I said calmly "Oh cool" She said while going back to talk to Daniel SHE CALLED HIM DANI? ONLY I CALL HIM THAT BUT HE DIDN'T EVEN SAY NOTHING TO ME!!! I thought as my brain was freaking out "Hey Ashley don't freak out the boys and I already don't like this" Zach whispered while hugging me. "Hey Daniel" I said standing in front of him "Oh hi" he said with a pink tent on his cheeks but not looking at me "Hey" I said snapping in his ears "Yess" he said looking at me unamused and his eyes more dull "You know what never mind" I said to myself getting ready to leave "Hey wait don't leave we've missed you" Jonah said blocking the door "Jonah! Let me go!" I said my eyes starting to tear up "Please guys" I whispered "No! Especially if you're my best friend" Zach said pulling me by my shoulders upstairs and closed the door "Zachhh let me leave" I whined "No just stay in my room for the night and the boys and I can talk to Daniel when she leaves" he said standing in front of me. Then I decided to go downstairs to get a glass of water, thankfully Daniel and Lovey weren't in here. As I was making the water I heard Daniel and Lovey talking "Daniel do you still love me?" Lovey asked, "I-I-n-yes" he said "Then kiss me" she softly said then got quiet and that's when I freaked forgetting I had a glass in my hand I let go of it and it dropped with a crash then I tried to turn and I slipped on the water and fell with a 'thump' "What was that?!" I heard Daniel yell "Wait...." I heard Zach speak as getting was coming downstairs "OH MY GOD ASHLEYY!" I heard Zach tell then my vision got even more blurry "J-JONAH!" he yelled, "Ashley are you okay can you hear me....Ashley?" "Zach" was the last thing I said before I blacked out.
"Ashley. Ashleyy" I heard a voice say then I opened my eyes and sat up way to quickly "Woah! Lay back down" Zach said holdung my hand "What happened?" I asked still holding his hand "Uh I don't know you tell me, I came downstairs because I heard a noise" he said as his thumb rubbed my hand absentmindedly "Oh ok....where's Daniel?" I asked thinking of him and Lovey’s conversation "Ugh he w-went to drop off Lovey and get you some medicine" He said nervously ", "Oh well thanks for staying" I said smiling softly "Anything for you" He said and I wrapped my arms around his neck "I love you soo much" I said hugging him tightly then I seen gun blush "Oh Zach I didn't mean it in that way in a best friend way" I said as I let go "Zach do you think he still loves her?" I asked looking at the ceiling "What?" He asked looking at me "Before you say anything come lay" I said patting the spot next to me "You look tired was out for that long" I said turning to look at him "Yea but I'm glad you're not anymore" He said playing with the ends of my hair "And, who wouldn't love you" He said smiling adorably "Aww Zach you're so" I started but was cute off by his soft lips I did kiss back but shortly broke away "Zach I-", "I-I'm so sorry you just looked so sad" he says "No Zach it's fine all girls that has a boy best friend has kissed before, but can you stay here tonight" I said closing my eyes "Goodnight" Zach whispered kissing my cheek softly.

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