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Today I decided to do a prank on Daniel since we were going to the hair  shop today I decided to do a little makeover prank on him maybe I shouldn't tell the boys either. After we headed to our next destination which was Mineaopolis. The ride was 6 hours long so we all decided to get some sleep when I woke up everyone was still asleep. Except Zach "oh hey you're up too?" He asked and I just nodded "can we talk please" we both said at the same time "you go first Zach" I said looking at him "look how about we just forget what happened" he said "are you sure?" I asked "I'm not but I don't want to ruin our relationship" he said scooting closer "and I don't want to put you threw any stress" he said looking down I took my hand and turned his face to look at me "hey we will always be best friends" I said and I then hugged him and he hugged back " I love you, but as a friend" he said smiling "same" I said laughing "but before we forget about yesturday can I do this?" He asked without me answering then he kissed me on the corner of my mouth. Then the bus stopped and I grabbed my stuff to go to the hotel room and I put my hair in a ponytail and didnt do much for my makeup or because I wanted the prank I was thinking about, to be really believable. Let the  prank begin I thought putting on my fake sad face. "Daniel can I talk to you please?" I asked "yea of course" he said sitting down on my bed "Um..Zach can you?" I said pointing to the door and he nodded and walked out "so what do you want to talk about?" he asked seriously then I felt bad for doing this but whatever. "I feel like my look is so boring" I started "what do you mean?" He asked " I feel like I should change my look" I said going in the bathroom "why you're amazing just the way you are" he sung the last part awe that was so cute "aren't you guys going to get your hair done?" I asked turning around to face him and he nodded "okay well perfect then it's done" I said and I walked out to the hair shop "um hi welcome do you have a apointment?" The lady asked "yup" I said then she found our time and I told her the plan we tried on like 8 different wigs and found one that I like and she also gave me some clothes to go with the prank. After that I went back to the hotel and told the boys I went shopping. Minutes later we went to the shop and the boys were getting their hair done but little sis they know I was gonna get a crazy makeover. Everyone's hair was done except Jack and I we finished at the same time "hey guys look at Ashley's new makeover then they all turned around and was shocked

 Everyone's hair was done except Jack and I we finished at the same time "hey guys look at Ashley's new makeover then they all turned around and was shocked

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I had on this and got my makeup done . "so how do laughing I asked "you look g-great" Daniel said and then I took a picture of his face and started laughing while they were confused "guy's you've been pranked this is not my makeover" I said taking the wig off the wig then letting my hair down "you should've seen your faces" I said giving all the people high fives. "Well you looked beautiful either way" Daniel said while we were walking out to get on our tour bus to the hotels again. I changed back to my original clothes after that I looked at my hair and I asked the lady to die it auburn but like kinda brownish not red. We finally headed to the venue and they did all that stuff and I stayed for the whole thing. It was fun hanging out with fans and seeing the boys have fun and dance even though Zach still couldn't smooth step but we'll work on that later.
************************************Guys enjoy this short dance video of Zach 😂

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