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Today I woke up at the boys house I went to take a shower and change my clothes I keep extra clothes in Daniel's room just in case I wanna crash here. I felt very lazy today because I did not want to look good for anyone today but..I did straighten my hair though. "Good Morning Beautiful" Daniel said "good morning" I said dryly "hey that was the worst good morning ever" he said "Good Morning" I said fake smiling. "Now that was fake.Would you feel better if I did this" he said pecking my lips "maybe" I said giving a small smile "now that's a little better" he said giving me another kiss and I was smiling as I headed downstairs to get something to eat then I heard the boys singing as usual and I started dancing because I love all their songs. Then they started cheering for me and I stop noticing that they saw me "Lets have a dance off" Jack said "challenge accepted" I responded and Corbyn turned on some music which was the song Wild Thoughts. He started first and he did his signature move then I started and everyone was recording us. Then we went back and forth and I was last and stole the show. When the song stopped half cheered for me and half cheered for Jack I went to the fridge to grab a water "I think I won that one" said Jack "no she won" the rest of the boys said in sync but Jack rolled his eyes and I laughed I started to walk outside then I got picked up bridal styled by Daniel "wait. what are you doing?" I asked putting my arms around Hus neck then he ran to the pool and "no st-" I was cut off by the water hitting me and I swam up to pull Daniel down and I got out they all laughed and I asked "what's so funny noodle hair" then everyone laughed harder "why are you guys laughing don't get me started" I said walking in the house to change my clothes. "A wee love are you mad at me" he said going in for a hug but I ducked "uh.uh.uh no hugging until I'm not mad that's your punishment" I said patting his shoulder "uhh come on how can I make it up to you?" He asked but I ignored him and walked away I was actually pretending tokidding. So I walked back there and kissed him on the lips "hey I was just kidding" I said while still holding his face "okay I'm about to head home for a little you wanna Come?" I asked him "um..I can't actually I have to do some songs. with the guys" he said while scratching the back of his neck "oh well that's okay" I said putting my hands threw his hair then leaving out the room. "Hey Ashley come here" said Jack then I walked in his room "what's up?" I asked "um this" he said pointing to his hair the curls were gone so I laughed so hard thinking his hair is permed "what's so funny?" Zach asked while coming in the room as soon as he looked at Jack's hair he took videos while everyone gather in his room "George Washing" said Zach "what" said Jack "How are you doing today" then Jack just continued to be on his phone "um guys I have to go" Daniel said while checking his phone "me too actually bye guys" I said leaving "why are you following me?" He asked "I'm not following you I'm going home" I said calling an Uber "where are you going anyways" I said waiting for my uber to come, "no where important" he said looking back at his phone "you know what I'm done asking if you don't wanna tell me that's fine. "Oh here's my ride" I said kissing his cheek and getting in. When I got home I just went to my happy place because I haven't been in there recently. When I got out I went to Starbucks and ran into a boy he looked familiar I think his name was Jacob yea that's right he's Jacob Sartorius "I'm so sorry" he said helping me up "no it was my fault I should've been paying attention" I said while laughing in my head "I'm Ja-" "Jacob Sartorius yea I know and I'm Ashley" I said cutting him off "oh really well since you know me. Can I buy your drink" "sure" then I told him what I wanted and he ordered our drinks when we were done we exchanged numbers and went on with our days.

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