Our Secret & Meeting Logan Paul

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I woke up in Daniels bed and I saw hum laying down I instantly got out of the bed and went home then I got a call from Zach saying to come back to their house to go some where. So I got ready and stuff. I ate my breakfast alone I was thnking about what happened yesterday with Daniel he cannot tell any of the boys. After I ate I headed to the boys house and walked straight in and they all got scared which was hilarious "next time lock the door" I said laughing. Then I got a text from Mark
Mark😉: heyyy
Me: heyyyy
Mark😉: your even cute when your texting
Me: Awe thanks
As I continued to text him while smiling I bumped into Zach "hey who are you texting" he said teasingly "umm no one" I said slipping it in my back pocket "so when are we leaving" I said putting both hands on his shoulders "um right after Jonah is done" he said but my phone kept going off. Then I went to the stairs the same way Daniel was coming down and it was awkward we kept going the same way until I just walked past then he grabbed my rist and said "wait can we talk about what happened" but he whispered it "maybe later I said going up to Jonah's room. "Hey" I said sitting on his chair he had but he was only in a towel and it was funny to see him embarrassed. "Hey... Ashley" he said scratching the back of his neck "um I have to change so can you like go?" He said "wow how rude" I said getting out and I laughed after I was out. I went downstairs and just randomly looked in their fridge which had nothing in it. "Ok I'm ready" Jonah said coming downstairs and we all headed out we took an Uber which was kinda awkward because I had to sit on Daniels lap and we eventually got there. When we went inside I recognized this house it was Logan Paul's house I was semi excited because I'm kind of a Jake Pauler but don't tell Logan. He was vlogging as usual and I was in his vlog "so who's this?" Logan asked the boys while pointing to me "this is my girlfriend" Jack said putting his arm around me "no she's mine" Daniel said pulling me "uh uh nope she's mine" Zach said then Jonah followed but Corbyn didn't "well first of all I'm none of yours I'm married to myself" I said going over to play with Kong he was rhe cutest little thing ever. Then I saw all the boys including Logan whispering into his vlog camera the next thing you know they started singing "Nobody Gotta Know" to me which made me laugh and then "Help Me Help You" I put it on my Snap and it was fun. Then Logan came to me with his camera and asked "who's your favorite member come on just tell me and the Logang" I looked at him and said "who do you ship me with?" "Are you good bro?" He said giving me the servey then I circled the word one to pee him off. Then I walked away we stayed at his house and ate dinner there we eventually left and I went home. Then I heard a doorbell and it was....
Who do you think it is?

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