The Truth

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Today I woke up knowing I had to tell Daniel the truth I don't how he's gonna react so I prepared myself for the worst. I threw on anything because I didn't feel good maybe I'm hungry or just I'm scared. Since the boys dropped me off at my house yesterday so I decided to Face time Corbyn "hey" he said "hi" I said looking down "you're going to tell him aren't you" he said and I nodded "okay all that's great we'll be over shortly" he said then hung up. After like 10 minutes the boys were here and my stomach started yo feel weird again stupid nerves I thought when Daniel saw me he smiled and put his arms around my waist "hey" he said looking down at me "can I talk to you?" I asked with a serious tone "okay?" He said as more of a question so he grabbed my hand and I took him to the backyard "okay before you say anything please don't break up with me" he said grabbing my other hand "but you might with me" I said barely audible "okay look I love you and I wanna tell you this" I said taking a breath "Zach said that he likes me but he told me to forget  about but I knew he was lying because we always have awkward moments" I said it took him a long time to register "well I'm not mad at you because you didn't do anything and I'm hoping he doesn't try to get between us" he said and hugged him "thanks for not overreacting" I said smiling "please promise me you won't fall for him" he said with hope in his eyes "I'm not good at keeping promises Daniel" I said looking at the ground "well promise me that if we ever break up we would be close friends" he said "I promise" I said sincerely "but I'll always love even if you don't love me anymore" he said "Daniel I will always love you even if my mind tells me not to" I said grabbing his face to look at his eyes after us looking at each others eyes I kissed him and he kissed back then I gave him a tight hug. When we walked back inside Alyssa had called me to tell me she was having another party tonight which I am going to. I asked the boys if they wanted to attend the party and they said yes so they went home to change.
I decided to try to brush my hair out so it could be a little less tangled.

After I got ready I heard a knock and a ring I opened the door to see who it was and it was Mark I instantly gave him a hug "hey what are you doing in L

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After I got ready I heard a knock and a ring I opened the door to see who it was and it was Mark I instantly gave him a hug "hey what are you doing in L.A.!!!?" I asked excitedly "well I came because we are done with tour And to see my you and Lyssa" he said "what about Hunter?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows "oh he said hi and he went back to Arizona he won't be back until next week" he said "oh" I say "hey are you going to Lyssa's party tonight?" He asked and I nodded "oh well I'll see you there I have to get ready" he said walking back to his house the same time the boys pulled up I got in and greeted everyone I sat next to Zach because it was the only seat left. The place she threw a party was at a haul it was super nice and big. We all got out and Daniel intertwined our fingers together and we walked inside "heyyy omg welcome!!" Lyssa said and hugged me and I hugged her back  "heyyy!" I said smiling "you look amazing" she said looking at me "thanks so do you" I said stepping back to look at her "oh hi Daniel" she said and he smiled at her and we headed to the dance floor and he started to twirl and dip me then when I was upside down I saw Zach and I smiled at him and he smiled back. The party wasn't that bad but Jonah was a little drunk it was really funny the boys eventually fell asleep at my place Jonah had his head on my lap and Daniel had his feet on my lap so I took a Snapchat if them saying 'these are my boyss'

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