No Music

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Today I was going to be in Jacob's new song No Music. I just listened to the song a week ago and it's a love song, he told me the place to go and to not wear any makeup or anything because I was getting my makeup and hair done at the place with an outfit too. Then my phone starting ringing it was Daniel and the rest of the guys face timing me "Hello beautiful people" I said, putting my hair into a bun "Awe gee thanks" Jack said "Yea you are one beautiful male" Daniel said to Jack "Wow thanks bro" Jack said putting his hand over his heart. I rolled my eyes and set my phone on my dresser while fixing my messy bun in my mirror "What are you doing?" Zach asked, watching me do my hair "What are you doing?" I asked going in my closet and pulled out something random "I asked you first" He said "I'm getting dressed for the day" I said flipping the camera the other way so I can change "And who gave you the phone anyways?" I asked, "I asked for it so I can talk to you because I'm bored" He said as soon as I got finished "Okay bye I have to go see you tomorrow maybe?" I asked andbhe nodded when I hung up. Jacob texted me the address and I got an Uber there because ya know I can't drive yet. When I got there I saw some extras and the camera's with people holding them "Oh great your here" Jacob said exexcitingly "Of course" I said and I followed him inside "Ok so there's your dressing room and just wait in there and the people will be here" he said, and then his manager was calling him so he had to go talk with them. I waited in there on my phone until I heard a knock "Come in!" I said and they did. "You're Ashley right?" The lady asked and I nodded "Okay let's get started" she said.
~20 minutes later~
When she was finished I looked nice my hair was left the same but instead of in a bun it was down but more neat. My makeup wasn't that heavy either and my outfit was cute too.

"Okay everyone ready!?" The producer yelled and Jacob and I nodded

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"Okay everyone ready!?" The producer yelled and Jacob and I nodded. The video was very fun to make with him even though I had to be his love interest. We finally watched the full video "We did good" Jacob said high fiving me "You looked cute in all the scenes" Jacob said "Thanks you did too" I said smiling "Lets take an Instagram photo real quick" Jacob said and the hell asked his manager to take a pic for us. Jacob put his arm around me with his other hand and I put my arm around his torso and did the same thing. He was smiling and made a winning face with my tongue out while he laughed and took the picture. The video turned out like this:

We took way more pictures together and I left giving him a hug. They left me keep the clothes afterwards. I went back home and went on YouNow "Hey guys watcha up too" I said smiling some comments said nothing others said homework "Cool" I said, "So I'm gonna do a shameless plug but go watch Jacobs video No Music it's coming out in an hour or so and I'll be in it" I said 'Daniel is watching' one comment "Hi Daniel" I said then I guested "Ugh what do you want?" I asked pretending to be annoyed "You know you love me" Daniel said as I rolled my eyes. We talked for a couples minutes more and Daniel Face timed me again. "Yesssss" I said taking my false lash off "Ouch does that hurt?" He asked "No it feels amazing" I said "Are you sure because you're literally ripping your eyelashes off" he said, "Yea I know" I say wiping off my lipgloss with a wipe "So you look different from this morning" he said, "Yea I had to do a music video shoot with a friend today" I said flipping my camera to change "Why did you flip it I can't see your beautiful face" he whined "Ugh because I'm changing" I said flipping it back "Oh by the way let's have a movie night tomorrow" I said, put my hands threw my hair "That would be great" he said smiling "I love you" I said randomly "You're so random...and I love you too, I wanna kiss you right now but I have to kiss you threw the phone I guess" he said smiling "Fine" I said as we kissed the camera at the same time "I just noticed how weird we both are" I said as laughed and shook his head "You're cute" he said "You say that like it's a good thing" I said grabbing my computer "Because it is" he said and we finished talking and hung up. I was on my computer shopping for the rest of the day while texting Lyssa.

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