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I woke up thinking about yesterday it was do amazing no one's ever did that to me before. I took a shower,put my clothes on, did my hair and makeup. I was feeling happy so I decided to go see Daniel. I walked to the boys house and tried to open the door and it was locked so I rang the doorbell constantly untill it opened and I saw Zach open the door "hey" I said smiling "oh um, hi" he said looking back then at me "let me in" I said "I'm sorry Daniel isn't here" he said shutting the door but before he could do it I pushed it open and saw that same girl who was laughing with last week on top of him. "No Ash it-"I had hope, but why?" I said while starting to cry "And Zach I thought we were best friends you knew" I said then left. I told myself not to cry but I did, once I stopped crying I redid my hair and makeup then I got a like 50 texts from Daniel and 20 from the rest of the boys but I went to Mark's house and then we hung out and I called Alyssa and all 3 of us had so much fun.
Later That Day
Mark,Alyssa and I were all hanging out together I heard a knock "can you get Mark I don't feel like it" I said in a baby voice he rolled his eyes and got the door and called my name I came to the door and saw Daniel. "What are you doing here?" I asked rudely then he grabbed me closed the door and Kissed me "Ash I will never hurt you" he said holding my face "you nevee let me explain" he said looking in my eyes. "Fine just explain" I said folding my arms "So I was sitting down on my phone when I heard a knock on the door and it was her I didn't want to talk to her but she pushed her way threw the door and tried to kiss me then she tried again and that's when you came in and Zach tried to stop you" he said and I felt relieved "See I would nevet hurt you" he said "Oh my gosh Daniel I'm so sorry" I said hugging him then he lifted me off the ground and started to give me kisses all over my face. "Do you wanna hang out with my friends and I?" I asked and he nodded "ok guys it was just a misunderstanding so don't go crazy on him" I told them while sitting down. When Alyssa and Mark left Daniel was still here with me we took Snapchats and Instagram stories and we were laying in my bed."Ash" "yea" "will you come to the Billboard Music Awards with the boys and I?" My face lit up "yes Danielll!!!" I said giving him a kiss "Daniel let's go swim" I said getting up pulling him up and I took my pants off and kept my shirt on and Jumped in. Daniel looked at me like I was crazy but he shrugged and jumped in. We had fun he splashed me and I did the same then he took a boomerang of us and he captioned "late night swim with @itsAshley" it was funny. We finally got out the pool and took another shower and changed my clothes to something comfty. He took a shower after me and he went downstairs so I did too "watcha up to?" I asked putting my hand on his shoulder then he started singing Love You Now by John Legend it made my heart melt "I love when you sing to me" I said putting my arms around his neck "I love making you smile" he said putting his arms around my waist then he leaned in and I turned and said "goodnight".

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