Now You Care

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I woke up next to Zach but he's a cover hogger so I was freezing because they keep the freaking air conditioner on. I went in the bathroom to freshen up and then I did my hair and makeup. I luckily brought a change of clothes, I went downstairs and heard Daniel singing and playing the bass. He looked so into it as he was done I clapped wildly "Daniel that was amazing" I said, walking to him "Oh thanks" he said shyly "Daniel" "Ashley" we said at the same time "You go first" we said in sync "Ok I'll go first" I said, "Daniel about Lovey, I heard your conversation with her but of course I didn't mean too but do you still love her?" I asked sadly "N-No I just got caught up,it's so stupid I'm so sorry if I hurt or if I ign-" He says but I cut him off by kissing him passionately and he kissed back "Oh my lord gross!" Corbyn said turning around "Shut up Corbyn you and do the same thing!" I said and he turned red "Exactly" I mumbled to myself as I was still in Daniel's embrace "I miss this" Daniel whispered bringing me down to the couch with him as I was sitting across his lap my phone was I vibrating I went to grab it but Daniel stopped me "What?" I asked and he didn't say anything he just started to turn red "Umm I've got to go pee Bye" He said quickly walking into the bathroom. He was taking so long "Daniel! Are you good!" I yelled but no response "Daniel?" I asked walking to open the door "No! Don't open the door!" He said and I let go of the nob and went back on the couch he finally came out "What took you so long?" I asked, "Nothing" He said quickly while kissing my neck "Daniel stop" I said giggling, "" He said continuing to kiss me but going up to my jawline "D-daniel" I breathed out "It's good to know I have that affect on you" he whispered twirling my hair "What are you talking about?" I asked, playing with his hairs in the back "Like when I do this" he said putting his hand on my hips causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach then he rubbed his thumbs on my hip bone and then I exploded "Okay you got me" I said looking at him "Awe I haven't even got to the best part yet" he whispered on my lips he said eyes getting darker but in a hot way. Then he smashed his lips on mine then it turned into a light make out session "What the-no not on the couch!" Corbyn yelled as Daniel and I pulled away then the rest of the boys came in staring "Do you all want a kiss too?" I asked playfully then they responded with "I'll take one" or "Really?" And I stared at them with disbelief "Fine whatever" I said getting up I kissed Jonah first but he was to tall so he picked me up and I kissed his cheek then Jack, Zach, and Corbyn "You all happy now" I said and they all nodded I rolled my and went in the fridge looking for food "I'm Hungry!" I yelled, "Well go buy you some food!" Zach yelled back "No you do it" I said walking "I'm not doing it you do it" he said back "No you're doing it" "No you're doing it" we back and forth before Corbyn yelled "Geez I'll just do it!" "Ok nerd" I said quickly and he rolled his eyes while Zach and I laughed so hard.
Corbyn came back with Panda Express but I never tried it."Guys I've never had Panda Express before" I said and they all stopped and stared at me intensely "Are you crazy!" Jack yelled and I shrugged "Well try it!" Daniel said his eyes lighting up and I ate and gave a thumbs up and they all cheered. We all got done eating and they sung random stuff I was on my phone stalking Daniel's Instagram "What are you doing?" Daniel asked an I quickly hid my phone behind me so he grabbed my chin and stared in his eyes "I get lost in your eyes every time I look at them" He said in a soft tone. Then I loosened my grip on my phone without noticing he grabbed my phone out of my hand "Ugh you're so annoying!"I said kicking his butt literally "You are so weird" he said laughing at me "Awe you were stalking my Instagram account" he said smiling "Shut up" I mumbled rolling my eyes and snatching it back. Then he pulled out his phone and started snapping pics of me, "Why are you taking pictures of me?" I asked looking at him "Because I love you" he said pecking my lips pulling away slowly "I love you too" I said,smiling.

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