Plane Ride

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Today I woke up early because Daniel shook me a lot and it was to early for me. "Hey you alright?" He asked lightly smiling "hm" I mumble with my eyes closed then I fell back on my bed "hey uh uh no falling asleep it was already a struggle waking you up the first time" he said pulling me back up "but I don't wanna" I whined then he sighed and pulled me by my hands and I stood up to grab my luggage and bag then we went downstairs. I made myself a bagel and some orange juice "where's my food?" Daniel asked jokingly putting on a sad face "too bad" I said grumpily "awee are madd" he said laughing at me "can I eat in peace" I mumbled "fine I'll leave you alone" he said going somewhere else after I was finished I cleaned the dishes I used and went to look for Daniel. I heard toilet flush guessing he was in the bathroom. "Hey you ready now?" He asked "yea" I said with a little more energy "great" he says smiling. While we were in the Uber we did loads of Instagram stories the drive was only about 5 minutes. When we got out we headed straight threw the doors to look for the rest of the Boys. It took us a minute but we eventually found them "Ashley!!!" They all yelled excitedly group hugging me tightly "I-I c-can't b-breth" I said trying to breathe "sorry" They said after each other "Ahh Bestiee!!" I yelled and hugged him "hey we're reunited" Zach said pulling away from our hug after that we started our Bff handshake while Jonah rolled his eyes "kids" he mumbled under his breath "wait what was that Jonah?" I said putting my hand on my hear "I said kids" he said louder this time "I'm not a kid I prefer to be a toddler" I said jokingly which caused him to smile. "So when is our flight gonna be ready?" Zach asked putting his arm around me. "oooo look there's a Starbucks" I said pointing to the place "let's go!" I said pulling Zach with me "where did you get a burst of energy from?" Zach asked laughing but I just shrugged after getting me a muffin we went back to our seats. We finally heard the man call our Flight and we all did stuff you do to go on a plane then we headed to our seats. I finally got a seat next to Daniel I got the window seat again which I was happy about "aww I wanted to get the window seat!" Daniel whined like an 4 year old "well I'm sorry it's mine" I said poking his nose. Some minutes after being on my phone I look at Daniel and he's concentrated on his phone,while he wasn't looking I stared at his face wow he could be a model I thought while still looking at him "I can feel your stare" Daniel said turning to me "Do you like what you See?" He says teasingly "you know you could be a model?" I blurted out then I immediately put my hand over my mouth of embarrassment while he laughed "nice to know" he said then he took my chin and turned it so that I was looking at him "yea but you're gorgeous" he said rubbing his thumb against my cheek within seconds his lips were on mine the kiss was sweet but short. It tingled where he kissed at I put my fingers on my lips I was flabbergasted because his lips were so soft today. Our flight ended and we were in our hotel rooms I changed my clothes and left my hair down I did light makeup. "so do you guys wanna explore Ney York with me?" I said looking at them they all agreed and we went out we walked for an hour "ughh I'm tired Anyone up for a piggy back ride "not it" they said except for Daniel so I turned to him "what?" He asked looking from his phone "can I get a piggy back ride? I asked "I guess"he said then I jumped on his back put my arms around his neck and put his on my thighs for secureness. After walking for another hour we went back yo our hotel to order some pizza.
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