Introduction Pt.2

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As soon as I sat down on the couch Daniel sat next to me just fidgeting with his fingers. Untill he said
"Ashley can I call you Ash" I nodded and he smiled
"Do mind if we play 20 questions upstairs in your room?" he said.
"Sure Dani" I said then he turnt quickly and said
"Please don't call me that" I just laughed untill we went upstairs. Then I noticed he was holding my hand up the stairs and we went in the room alone with the door shut because it was so loud downstairs. So this is how it went

Daniel-"What's your favorite song?"
"Um..2U by Justin Bieber"
Me-"Favorite store?"
"Maybe H&M I don't no"
Daniel-"Have you ever had a boyfriend?"
After that game we just started talking about random stuff intill Zach and Jack came in to tell us that Corbyn is kinda down because him and his girlfriend split. So I decided to get up and talk to him he was outside at the pool sitting as I was leaning on the door frame I started to say
"You know if you keep crying you're gonna make me cry, and I'm an ugly cryer" then I heard a slight chuckle from him which made me kinda happy. Then I walked over to sit next to him he looked the other way I took both of my hands and placed it on his face and turned it towards me when I looked at him I could see sadness and anger in his eyes and they were puffy and red which made me tear up for some reason.
"Look Corbyn I know your hurting right now but I'm here if you need a shoulder to cry on" I said then he layed his head on my lap it was so weird to see him looking at me when he was laying down. He then kissed me on the cheek and got up and pulled me up with him gave me tight hug and went back into the house. I followed him in and everyone looked at Corbyn like they've never seen him so happy then they all looked at me and gave me a group hug. Then everyone split up me aswell I went upstairs to change into some comfty clothes which is a tank top and joggers then I put my hair in a messy but when I went out my door I heard singing coming from another room I looked and it was Jack. I love his voice it's like creamy chocolate melting if that doesn't sound weird when he was done I clapped which startled him "oh thanks"he said scratching the back of his head with a smile then we just stood there
"well night" I said "back at ya princess" he said then I went out and came back in and tackles him into a hug we were both on the floor but then I got up quickly and went to sleep.

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