The Dentist

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Daniel's P.o.v.
So today I got a call from Ashley's dentist because apparently I was on her list of numbers she had so being the best boyfriend I am, I got dressed and went to go wake Ashley. Her room smelt so good compare to the boys and I "Ashley wake up" I whispered but she didn't budge "Ash" I said a little louder "Hmm" she responded turning the other way so I started planting kisses all over her face until she opened one beautiful eye.

Ashley's P.O.V.
I was having the sleep of my life until Daniel woke me up "Love, wake up" I heard him say and I finally did "Nooo can you just cuddle with me forever" I said pulling him down "I know me too have a dentist appointment or something today so let's gooo" he said and I sat up rubbing the sleep out my eyes. I got up and grabbed some random clothes and went to shower, after doing that I didn't dry my hair or do makeup I also brushed my teeth I threw my hair in a bun. I went out and began to change "Do you want me to leave or..." Daniel said "No you're fine" I said changing my shirt I could feel his stare "Dani if you keep staring at me I'm indeed gonna kick you out" I said putting a shirt on then he looked back at his phone with a red face then I took my pants off to look for some other ones but I looked in my closet and it was on the highest shelf "Danii can you come help!" I said trying to reach it "Really you're such a shortie" He said while getting the sweatpants "Oh and nice legs by the way" he whispered which made me put my pants on faster "Okay I'm ready when you are" I said grabbing my phone and we both walked out of my room and went downstairs. All of the boys were awake for some reason, then I saw Zach and rolled my eyes I guess he saw and came up to me "I'm sorry for eating your uh cheesecake I was just hungry and I didn't have any other food and please talk to me" he said looking down but I ignored him he just sighed and walked away "Ash just forgive the him it's just cheesecake" Corbyn said calmly and that triggered me "Yea okay just cheesecake haha sure" I said emotionless while walking out the door Daniel following behind me "You okay?" He asked while we're walking to the car "I guess" I said lying I got into the car and Daniel looked at me "I know you're lying" he said closing his door "Wow you know everything about me" I said sarcastically which I felt bad for "I'm sorry" I said grabbing his one hand that wasn't on the wheel and he intertwined them.  We finally got to the dentist office and they took me right in as soon as I got that medicine I was out.

Daniels P.OV.
It took them quite a bit of time in there and I was on my phone when I looked up I saw the lady and Ashley "Okay so she is still on some medicine so she might be a little off but she should be good by tomorrow" she said smiling and I took Ashley's hand "Hey Daniel?" She asked looking confused "Yes" "Where's my hair?" She asked looking around "It's on your head" I answered "Daniel you're hot as heck" She said but all her words weren't clear because of the little tissues in her mouth the car ride wasn't long and Ashley was asking loads of questions. We got to the boys and I house and I helped Ashley out of the car. "Oooo this place is big " She said then she tried to take her tissues out "Stop" I said taking her hands away "No" she said taking it out "Put it back" I said walking in the house and she did "Hey how w-" Zach started then stopped "Is she ok?" He asked while she was touching his hair. "It's the size affects or something "Zach did you know you were hot too!" She said surprised he just laughed and shook his head "And you too!" She yelled running to Jack and hugging him "You smell greattt!" She yelled smelling him okay this is getting weird I thought pulling her off him "Oh and Corbyn and Jonah....." She said closing her eyes, for a minute I thought she was sleep but she opened her eyes and yelled "BOOM BOOM BOOM NOW LEMME HEAR YA SAY WAYHOO!" Then Zach and Jack yelled wayhoo and she set down checking her phone. She finally could take those mouth tissues out. She looked tired so I cuddled with her while we were watching TV and I heard light snores coming from her I took a picture on my story the caption was 'sleep already?'. Minutes later I fell asleep with her still cuddled up.
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