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I woke up with Daniel not by my side  in this beautiful house hotel. I looked to the right and he was on live sitting next to some girl "Oh yes you're up Ashley this is Caitlin" Daniel said

 I looked to the right and he was on live sitting next to some girl "Oh yes you're up Ashley this is Caitlin" Daniel said

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^^this is Caitlin ^^

"Hi" I said really she's beautiful "She's our translator" he said, "Cool I'm gonna go change" I said trying to fight my stupid jealousy and insecurities that always comes. I took a long shower just thinking then I fid everything else "Let's go!" Daniel said practically pulling me out the door. "You hungry?" Daniel asked and I shook my head and he shrugged and begin talking to Caitlin. Daniel is Daniel but....he kinda gets a little too into things, so I hope this journey turns out nice. As I looked up I didn't notice that Daniel and Caitlin were ahead of me it's like I wasn't even there. But I won't let that bring my trip to Paris "Ugh guys I'll be at this bagel shop" I said turning "Wait are you sure?What's up with you?" Daniel asked but I just shook my head "How about we wait for you" Daniel said an I agreed. Caitlin translated everything I asked and I got my order, maybe I should French for myself not for Daniel pshhh no I thought as Daniel was staring at me "Huh" I said looking over his shoulder "Are you here?" He asked and I nodded "Because your mind isn't" he said and he was right my mind was somewhere else or on someone else my mind is on the girl sitting next to me Daniel's hot and she's pretty they would make headlines I thought but pushed it away "Sorry I'm just tired" I said grabbing his hand "Alrighty then!" Caitlin piped as she gave us a tour of some resteraunts but I was barely paying attention. I don't know why "Ashley snap out of it" Daniel said shaking me "What do you mean" I said smiling "Okay I'll be over there if you need me" Caitlin said shyly "What are you thinking about you know you can tell me everything" he said reassuringly "Yea I'm sorry" I said dragging him toward where Caitlin was "So what else is here to explore?" I asked putting my thoughts and worries all away. As we were walking I took pictures of the nice building structure, I even been sneaking pictures of Daniel when he wasn't looking "Hey have you been taking pictures of me?" Daniel asked "No" I lied "Sure" Daniel said then Caitlin began to laugh "You guys act just like me when I was a teenager" she said and I looked confused "How old are you guys?" She asked "I'm 18 and she's 16" He said grabbing my waist and giving me a kiss on the cheek "My Fiancee and I were just like you guys young in love..." She said drifting off "But it's my time to make you guys have fun in Paris!" She said getting excited. "Lets go to the Louvre" she said and I looked confused but I was excited at the same time. "This is some beautiful artwork" Daniel whispered because it was kinda quiet here so we didn't want to embarrass ourselves. After looking at that she told us stories about some stuff (I'm sorry if this dry I don't know much about Paris). It was getting late so we headed to the hotel. Caitlin and I had so much fun talking that I forgot Daniel was there "Ashleyyy" Daniel said as Caitlin left "What?" I asked looking at the pictures me and Caitlin took together "Love!" Daniel whined "Yes Daniel" I said putting my hands on each sides of his face. "You haven't been talking to me" he said putting his arms around me because he was sitting down while I was standing in between his legs. "That's because I was actually trying to make friends with other people" I said rolling my eyes "At first you looked like you were gonna kill her,but now you love her" he said with a confused expression that looked adorable "Aww are you mad cause you weren't getting attention" I said like a toddler and then he was silent "Awe Dani" I said hugging him making both of us fall and laugh "I love being with you" Daniel said wiping hair out of my face. "I can say the same about you" I said as my phone began to ring making me groan "Wassup Harvey" I said standing up "Hey you can dance right?" He asked and I nodded even though he couldn't see me "Yea..." I said "Well I was wondering if you could maybe be in one of my videos and there will be dancing?" He asked nervousl "Yea I guess it's cool just text me the place and date" I said "Thanks your the best!" Harvey said making me laugh when he hung up "I swear my friends are annoying" I mumbled to myself "So who was that?" Daniel asked "It's a friend of mine....I going to be in another music video then I have a YouTube collab with some other friends. I'm just gonna be busy next week" I said messing with my hair "Well we can spend a lot of time together this week" Daniel said pulling me down to sit with him "Yea" I said sitting down next to him and kissing his lips "I need a shower" I said getting "Oh wont you stayyy with me" he sung "You're so extra" I said laughing "Yea..I hear that a lot" he said.

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