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I woke up and I was energized so I went to see who else was awake and I saw Zach "hey bestie" I said coming from behind him "hey come sit" he said patting the spot next to him and I followed his directions "I like your hair better when it's down you should keep it like that" I said while putting my hand threw his hair "no never" he said shaking his head "pleasee" I said putting my hands on his shoulders "no" he said "why not? It looks cuter on you anyways" I blurted out then froze what did I just say? I asked myself "so you think I'm cute?" He asked smiling "no- I mean-" no no it's okay I know I'm adorable" he said jokingly then I pushed him and he fell back laughing "I hate you" I said while trying to keep a straight face "shut up!" I said while hitting him "make me" he said while pulling me down next to him. Then he noticed what he did and the situation got awkward so I got up to check my phone. The bus stopper shortly and Zach and I were still the only ones awake so I went to Daniel's bunk and yelled "good morning!!" Causing Jack to fall out of his bunk while I laughed the boy gets scared of everything "why so loud?" Daniel asked while getting up. "Oh you don't like my energy sorry" I said pretending to be sad "no I love your energy but it's to early for me" he said while smiling with a his teeth so I hugged him for no apparent reason "what was that for?" He asked "no reason just because you're amazing" I said while hugging him again "and your just like a cuddly bunny" I said while smiling "you are so adorable right now" Daniel said while poking my nose. I totally forgot the bus had stopped so I grabber my suitcase and headed to my hotel room I did my hair and makeup then I put on some rings I bought yesturday and I walked out the hotel room and I saw the boys figuring out who's sharing what room. This time it was Me,Daniel and Corbyn "wow you got dressed fast" Jonah said while walking inside the hotel room. Today the boys had a radio station interview so I stopped for a second and thought how am I dating a celebrity "hey Ashley what are you looking at?" Daniel said following my gaze "nothing special" I responded. After the boys got dressed they headed to the radio station they talked about everything and they sung some stuff then we went to the venue but we all took a picture for their Instagram account and it captioned 'squad' and we all were tagged in it. As we were at the meet&greet this blond chick was all up on Daniel while talking to him flirtatiously but he probably didn't notice. I can see she also poked out her chest to make them look bigger that's what made Daniel very uncomfortable. Hours later the concert ended and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I was looking at the buffalo chicken like it was the best thing in the world as I started eating all the boys were staring at me "what?" I asked "you must be starving" Corbyn said raising his eyebrow "yea I am you got a problem?" I asked "no" he responded finishing his food. After that we all went to the movies to see Kidnapped the movie was actually pretty intense and serious. When the movie ended we went back to the hotel to just chill. Then they started singing it was so good how were they born with good looks and nice voices.
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