Turn it Off

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So basically after yesterday Jack told me to keep that little drunk moment our secret so today's a new day and I want to be mad at Daniel for ditching me but I can't because.......you know, he's just Daniel.
"Ashley" Daniel said but I was to busy on my phone "Ashhh" he said "Whatt" I say the same way he did "Turn it off" he says reaching for my life phone "No stop it!" I say jerking it back. "Hey keep your eyes on me" he said pushing my phone out of my face and I finally looked at him and I realized how close he was and he was looking in my eyes so I just kissed him for like 5 seconds then broke it "That kiss was sweet, literally you're lips taste like sugar" he said still close to me "Oh yea I used my sugar chapstick just for you" I said and he leaned in closer "Well you should share for me mire often" he said and with that he kissed me this time putting his hands on each sides of my waist. That lasted long until he broke it and kissed my neck which tickled so I was giggling and he noticed so he kept on doing it until I told him to stop but gave one last peck on my lips then another then an-"Hey g–EW are your guys done!!" Corbyn said interrupting us "Nope one second" Daniel said finishing that last peck "Okay now we are" I said walking and wrapping my arms around his torso as he was turned the other way. I kissed his back since I was shorter by a couple inches than
"What was that for?" he asked as he turned half his body around "I don't know" I said and he turned around fully facing me "I love you" He whispered but my phone went off in my back pocket Daniel 'gave me a don't you dare' at and I looked at him I slowly went to grab my phone but he did before me but his hand was on my butt "Uh Daniel your hand's on the wrong place" I said trying not to laugh he turned so red but he eventually took my phone out my pocket "No more notifications" he said powering my phone off  "How about we go private tonight" Daniel said and I agreed. We didn't really have any plans today so I snuck my phone back from Daniel "Ah ah ahh, your supposed to be spending time with me" Daniel said snatching the phone from me and putting it on top of the refrigerator "Ugh I hate you so much right now" I said folding my arms "Awe love don't be that way" Daniel said pulling me closer to him "Whatever" I mumbled. We were currently upstairs in my room all cuddled up "Daniel" I said and he turned to look at me, but those eyes are hypnotizing "Can I play with your hair pleaseee?" I asked sounding like 5-year-old me he rolled his eyes and nodded so I went behind him and started to put my fingers threw it. His hair felt amazing it was soft and just fun to play with but not as fun as Jack's noodles, I began to massage his scalp softly then roughly but not hurting him "Ashley stop..." Daniel whispered his voice husky "Ok?" I said. Since Daniel was laying between my legs I tilted his head backwards and kissed him it got a little heated but we stopped shortly because we both didn't want to take it too far. "I'll be right back" I said craving my cheese cake I bought yesterday, I headed downstairs to fridge and opened it; the cheesecake was gone "DANIEL SEAVEY COME DOWN HERE!" I yelled and he rushed downstairs "W-what happened" He asked out of breath "Did you eat my cheese cake" I said turning to him "Nooo Zach did" He said pointing to Zach who was coming downstairs with my cheesecake "ZACH HERRON!" I yelled and he froze and looked at me then at the cheesecake he tried to run but I jumped on his back causing him and the cheesecake fall "YOU ATE MY CHEESECAKE IT WAS HOMEMADE!" I yelled putting his  arms behind his back and messing up his hair that takes the longest to do "Why would you mess up my hair it took the longest to do!" He said are you serious? "Woah what is happening here?" Jonah said standing in recording us "Well he ate my cheesecake!" I said, "Get her off me!" Zach said looking up at Jonah and he pulled me with one  arm and I tried to get out of his grasp but he was older and stronger than me. So I bit him yes not hard but he did let go if me I charged right for Zach but I felt myself lift off the ground "Slow Down" Daniel said "Let me go!" I yelled while punching his back he brought me upstairs and threw me on the bed "AHHH HE ATE MY FOOD I'M GONNA BREAK HIS SPINE!" I yelled while Daniel looked at me "Hey calm down" Daniel said in a relaxing tone which calmed me down a little "I'm so mad I wanted to come downstairs to have great amazing tasting cheesecake but it was gone GONE how could it pos-" but I cut off By Daniel's nice lips on mine it took me some seconds to register but I kissed back and he pulled away slowly "I'm sorry you were just talking so much an" I cut him off this time and laughed as I broke the kiss while still laughing "What's so funny" He asked looking down at me because I was laying down "You!" I said and he looked at me and smiled while saying "I love you".

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