I Got You

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Today the boys and I went to get breakfast before their soundcheck and stuff. I got this

and the rest of the boys got breakfast burritos

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and the rest of the boys got breakfast burritos. I decided to not get bacon because the boys still have to eat healthy until tour ends. When I turned around that were All on their Instagram story "hey Ashley say hi"  Corbyn said pointing his camera at me then I waved and winked and that's when the video ended then I was recorded again by Daniel then  I slapped him and everyone laughed then we headed to the  hotel to freshen up then Daniel tackled me out of no where while Zach recorded it and then he started tickling me "st-stop I'm g-gonna die" I said trying to push me off "not until you say sorry" he said "sorryyy" I said and he got off me then I went in the bathroom and did everything I had to do and I put my hair in a more nicer bun. Then I set the phone on a little dresser and I did an OOTD video of me just posing like a dummy then Daniel started posing with me and I ended the video and posted it to my stosay "Hiii Augustss" I say while recording him and he put a hand over my phone. We  finally headed to their soundcheck it was lots of screaming fans there already. We went in the back and they started practicing and I was on social media then I ran into a wall. Everyone laughed at me while I rolled my eyes when they were done singing one song I pretended to be a crazed ftogetheris that Daniel Seavey I love you so much!!!!!?" I said and we all laughed together they finished that then it was meet&greet time even though I didn't want to they made Mr stay for the whole concert as I was walking behind the meet&greet area a fan saw me and then they started screaming for ME when came from behind there some asked to take pics with me or with me and Daniel. After that it was concert time but I was backstage then it was the Limelight party and I decided to go because I have no plans then 24k Magic  came on and we were all dancing especially me because who doesn't love to dance "go Ashley. go Ashley" I heard fans say then I stopped because I'm not used that much attention. The show was finally done we left and I was kinda exhausted as we were crossing the street I started feeling light headed so I was walking a little slower right when a car was coming I thought oh no it's over for me I don't wanna die young then I felt two arms wrapped around me and my eyes was closed tight "I don't want to open my eyes" I said with my eyes still closed "who is this?" I asked shaking a little bit but I still was light headed "this is Daniel" he responded calmly "oh my gosh" I say while let go a breath I didn't know I was holding and hugged him so tight "don't worry I got you" he whispered in my ear but I couldn't let go then tears started falling out if my eyes "I thought I was gonna die" I said while laughing and crying "Ashley are you ok?" Zach asked running to me followed by the rest if the boys "yea I am ok. I think? I don't know but I need some water" I said taking deep breathes. After that incident we went back to our hotel rooms and I got a cup of water from the lobby and we took the elevator even though Zach was scared. When I got to the room I changed to my Pajama's as I was in the bathroom I splashed water on my face and just stared at myself and thought if it wasn't for Daniel I could've been dead how'd I get a boyfriend like him?. "hey you okay?" He asked while coming in the bathroom with me I turned around and faced him then I gave him a kiss "thank you" I say while laying in the bed. While I was half way asleep I felt a kiss on my forehead and I heard Daniel whisper "your welcome".

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