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It was 2 a.m. and I couldn't sleep because of the one and only Daniel freaking Seavey. I was trying to understand or trying to not freak out. So I headed downstairs to the kitchen, but instead of being alone like ain't intended Zach was sitting on the bar stool. So I just pretended he wasn't there "You can't pretend I'm not here" Zach said "Yes I can" I said making me some water "Sure ya can and why are you up so late?" He said while I went to sit on the couch "Because of stuff" I answered, "And why do you even want to talk to me I thought we weren't friends" I say mocking him at the end "Yea but can we talk about that?" He asked, I didn't talk to let him finish "I only got a girlfriend because I wanted her to be you....but I realized that I was being s-selfish...I was letting my jealousy get to me...c-can we uh still be besties again" he adorably said as I was trying to contain my excitement. "Yes Zach yes,yes, and yes times infinity!! I've missed you a lot!" I said with excitement, I then gave him a hug which led us rolling on the floor. "I missed you have I already said that!" I said then we heard someone coming downstairs "Did someone get married!?" Jack asked in confusion while I laughed "No Jack go back to sleep" I whispered patting his shoulder while I went to my bed and went to sleep.
I woke up for the second time and actually did something to myself. When I went downstairs I lost my appetite because I saw Daniel down there. So I turned around to see Jonah "Uh uh you are not avoiding your problems with Daniel" he said picking me up and taking me down "So what's up with him and those bracelets anyways?" I whispered because he was right on the couch "Oh no you touched them those are from his first girlfriend and first love Lovey James" He whispered back and I took a deep shaky breath "He still loves her" I said with my voice cracking "Well he was doing not so well until he met you" Jonah said, making him some coffee "Oh" was all I said. Then I sat on the barstool just staring into space, "Hey" I heard Daniel said while sitting next to me but I really didn't want to talk to him "Well could you at least eat something if you want talk to me at least I'll now you're not hungry" He said looking at me why are you so caring even though he loves her I thought sadly looking away then he took his hands and turning my face to look at him "Daniel why are you doing this when you still love her?" I asked then he took my hand and led me to the backyard. "Listen Ashley I love a lot I really do but....I'm still trying to get over it she hurt me pretty bad but I didn't show it..and of course I couldn't tell you because I wanted to start over" he said looking in my eyes his eyes were filled with love and sadness. "I guess that's good" I said trying to help myself feel better "You don't sound like you really mean it" Daniel said slipping his arms around my waist "How do you know that?" I asked looking in his eyes "Because you didn't kiss me" he whispered on my lips then before you know it he kissed me "Hey I was supposed to kiss you" I said breaking the kiss "You took to long" He said which caused me to laugh then I kissed him it lasted about a minute  long "Hey lovebirds come inside Jonah made breakfast!" Jack yelled and I giggled while walking inside. As we were sitting down eating Daniel decided to put his hand around my waist while I was eating which I was comfortable with until his hand rested under my shirt which caused me to drop my fork on my plate, me and him were sitting on the barstool and the rest of the boys on the couch watching something or on their phones. But when I dropped my fork all their heads turned towards me. As I was trying to eat again he put his hand on my waist rubbing his thumb on it making me blush and sending butterflies in my stomach but continued to eat until he put his hand on my stomach  "Stop" I whispered "Stop what?" He whispered while I rolled my eyes "Stop putting your hand in my shirt" I whispered looking at him "Fine I'll do this instead" he said softly kissing my neck "Eww no PDA I'm trying to eat in peace!!" Jonah yelled while I smiled. What would I do without these guys I thought.
So hello I'm working on a new book I'll be posting some soon. But I know this Chapter is boring sorry and also thanks for 3.54k reads

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