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"Daniel wake up" I whispered but he didn't move so I kissed his giraffe neck. He only flinched "Daniel wake uppp" I say in my regular tone, kissing his jawline but he just turned the other way so I kissed his lips until he woke up and kissed me back. "Why don't you wake me up like that every day" He said kissing my neck making me laugh "Stop!" I yelled then he checked his phone "Oh I have to practice some music with the guys" he said and I nodded "Wait!" I said getting up as he watched my every move "Kiss?" I asked and his eyes lit up as I kissed him goodbye. I grabbed all my stuff and went home. I was so bored until Zach face timed me "Heyooo!" He said "Hi Zach" I said smiling "So how's Daniel?" I asked "Uh he's not here he's with Lovey making a song cover" he said then he thought about something "Oh shoot" he said looking at me while I hung up. "Why does he have to lie!!!!" I yelled in my pillow. Until I heard a knock "Who is it!!" I yelled opening the door "Daniel?" I questioned letting him in. He had a bouquet of white and roses with chocolates and my favorite Starbucks drink "Oh my god....Daniell why'd you bring me all of this?" I asked still awe struck. "I got you this because I knew you were gonna be mad because I lied. because Zach told you. I just don't like seeing you jealous and I know when you are you get insecure" He said setting everything down "I hope you like the roses" he said nervously "OF COURSE YOU POTATO!!!" I yelled hugging him "Um okayyy" he said awkwardly "This could be less awkward if you stop showing the awkwardness" I said. letting him in amd closing the door. "What are doing today? I asked putting my hands on his shoulder "Uh I don't know" he said and we decided to have some fun on Instagram. "So guys how are you I haven't be live in years!!" Daniel said as I joined him "Who's excited for the Invitation tour coming up?" He asked and the comments went crazy "Does Ashley support you?" He said reading a comment "Of course she supports me!!" He said  kissing my lips. 'Am I allowed to screenshot that?' A comment said "Yea sure" said Daniel who was kissing my shoulder as we were reading comments 'Who's a better kisser?' Another comment says. "Uh I think Ashley kisses better because I love her lips" Daniel says as he squishes my cheeks "Look how cute she is" Daniel said "Stooop!" I said slapping him "Are we gonna do this on camera?" Daniel asked playfully "Maybe" I said raising an eyebrow "Fine" he said tackling me on the couch "Daniell!! Get up you giraffe!" I yelled as I could feel him vibrating from nonstop laughter "Ha-ha that was funny now get off" I said although it was kinda muffled "Okay guys I'm gonna get off byeee" he said as he got more comfortable "I'm sooo tired" he said in my neck "Well because I've been thinking a lot lately...." He said stopping "About what?" I asked hesitantly "Abouttt youuu" He said kissing my neck. "Uhhh stop it tickles and I don't feel like laughing" I said messing with his hair "Well then I love hearing you hearing you laugh so I'll continue" he said then kissing me once then twice then three times. Until we hear a knock and he got up as I groaned "Oh hey guys" Daniel said letting Corbyn,Jack,Jonah and Zach inside "We brought pizza and movies and also Monopoly" Zach said "Perfect" I said grabbing the pizza box "Lets start" I say grabbing the board game and setting everything up.
Somehow Corbyn was winning but I was right behind him. "Ha you landed on my property! Cough it up!" I yelled at Corbyn as he rolled his eyes at me "We are playing Monopoly and it looks like Ashley and Corbyn are neck and neck" Jonah said as I was waiting for Zach to roll the dice "What are you doing!?" I asked impatiently "I dropped one" he said causing me to get even more annoyed "Hey calm down it's just a game" Daniel whispered putting his hand on my thigh "You're right youre right" I said taking a breather. "Found it!" He yelled but as he got up he knocked the whole board over "YOU'RE DEAD!!"I yelled tackling him "I was so close to winning and you the clutz wants to knock it over!!" I yelled  getting up. "It's just a game" he said "Yea I guess" I mumbled. We spent the rest of the day  watching Disney movies.

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