Day With Jack

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I woke up feeling bored today so I went home when the boys were asleep. I texted Daniel that I was at home just to reassure him. "Knock Knock" I heard a familiar voice of Jack say downstairs "How'd you get in?" I asked "Spare Key from Daniel" he said "Cool" I said nodding then there was an awkward silence "I'm gonna go change then we can hang out" I said going upstairs. I decided to try to match with his outfit.

 I decided to try to match with his outfit

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Well except for the shoes. I came downstairs "Hey we're matching!" Jack said "Yea I know I did it on purpose" I said smiling "Soo if it's just us two hanging out we should go shopping?" He said as more of a question "Sure!" I said already out the door. "Lets pick each others outfits" I suggested and he nodded "Lets go" I said pulling him.
-1 hour later-
I'm not gonna lie when I say we spent way over $100. We had like 30 bags on each arm and we were struggling to get into the car "We made it!" I said cheering "We should go have some fun in Target" I say as he turns into target. We drove the carts down the isles Jack made some stupid puns. Then I got an idea "Jack you should get the nose hoop ring!!" I said shaking him "I was thinking the same thing" He said calmly. Then we went piercing store where they had loads of different piercings. I decided to change my industrial piercing (I don't know if you can do that). We went back to my house to do a live,"Hey guys we just came back from a fun day" he said while looking into the camera. "Lets play a game any requests?" I asked checking my phone 'Kiss,Marry,Kill' one comment read which I looked at "Ok we can play kiss,marry,kill" I said looking at Jack who agreed too. "So give me some names first" I said looking threw the comments 'Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, and Charlie Puth?' One girl suggested "Oh ok uhm Marry Shawn Mendes....,Kiss Justin Bieber, and kill Charlie Puth" I said laughing 'This is for Jack Ashley,Aspen, or BabyAriel?' I read out "Oooo" I said giggling. "Marry Ashley, kiss Aspen , and kill Ariel", "Awee you would marry me" I said looking at him as he turned red. "Who wouldn't" he said jokingly 'ship ship' a comment said, 'No I ship Dashley' another said, 'what about Zashley' the last one said. "You guys have great ship names but..... Daniel and I are the power couple" I said standing up "I'm bored" I whined grabbing Alexa "Alexa play Mi Gente featuring Beyonce" I yelled starting to dance. "Dude let's have a dance battle" Jack said starting to dance too "Sure, ok did guys Jack and I are gonna have a dance battle rate us" I said as we started. So first was me then Jack and that's how it went until the song was over and we were breathing heavily "Okay so who did better?" I asked there were mixtures of Jack and I "So it's a tie!" I said putting hands up in the air "I guess so but this isn't our last dance battle" Jack said pointing to me "Whatever noodles, ok well guys I'm gonna log off see yaaa" I said ending the live "So what do you wanna do?" I asked "Why don't we just chill" he saif winking "Hahsa very funny" I dsud with a straight face. So we just sat on the couch on our phones "Hey Ashley?' He asked "Yea" I said shifting on the couch "Remember that day you threw my phone why?" He asked as I processed what he had just said, "Uh....b-I-I don't remember" I said remembering that moment and turning red so I shoved a pillow in my face. "Yea okay" he said unsatisfied, "What am I supposed to say?" I asked my voice muffled by the pillow "Whatever you feel" He said looking at his phone so I rolled my eyes. "Hey Ashley what are you doing?' He said recording me so I looked at him not saying a word, "Hey Ash how's it going?" He said to me with another question "Leave me alone" I said checking my phone texting some friends back "Who are you texting?" Jack whispered in my ear "What The!!" I said slapping him from reflex "Ow!" he said rubbing his cheek so he hit me back but not as hard "What the heck Jack!" I yellef hitting him back. We spent the rest of the day hitting each other back and forth.
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