At the Movies

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Today the boys were at home so I decided to prank Daniel. I walked to their house after I freshened up. I knocked on their door and Corbyn opened it and let me in. I went upstairs to Daniels room and jumped on his bed with my socks and sat on his stomach I don't know what it is but I love sitting on Daniel. He hit me with a pillow then I started poking him
"Ow your nails are really pointy you know"
"Yea I know just please wake up we need to talk" then I got up and closed the door shut.
"So what do you wanna talk about" he said "um I wanna talk about Jack" he looked at me with a mad face
"Why Jack" "I was kidding I actually wanted to talk about how you were acting yesterday"
" How so?" He said,
"I know your jealous" he looked suprised
"How did you figure it out?"
"I just watch and listen, but look Daniel don't be jealous I don't really know who I like yet you guys are all awesome". Then I opened my arms for a hug and he came over and hugged me then gave me a kiss on the cheek that gave me butterflies so I just smiled and walked out to the stairs with a smile on my face the whole time walking then without looking I fell down the stairs but Jack luckily caught
"Why are you always catching me?" "Why are you always falling for me" he said
"Yea ok" I said then kissed my hand and put it on his lips. Yep I left him shocked, when I was downstairs I gave Zach, Corbyn and Jonah hugs as I was hugging Jonah I said
"Wait Jonah oh my gosh we haven't really talked let's hangout just you and me" he said sure so I suggested to rent out a movie theater
"Well I gotta go change" he said so I waited. When he was done we headed to the theater I already called to rent it out so we walked there to stall some time
"So Jonah do you like girls?" Then he stopped
"Yes" he said
"Then show me" I said. Then he caught on to me and put his arm around my shoulders and we continued to walk to the movie theater when we got there we got our tickets and walked to the theater room we were going to see the movie Wonder Woman we already got our popcorn and stuff inside the theater we sat in the back. After 5 mins of previews the movie started
"Wow she's pretty" I said
"Just like you" Jonah said then look at him and he was already looking at me "Thanks" I said while still looking at him. As we were staring we got closer and was only like 2 inches apart then a loud noise from the movie was made and I fell out of my chair with an ow "Are you ok" Jonah asked while pulling me up
"Yea thanks" then we sat back down after the movie it was like 7 o'clock and we walked back home.
"Jonah thanks for coming to the theater with me although it was fun beinh with you and throwing popcorn at you" I said,
"Yea I had fun tonight too" he said with a smile as we were walking we came to a stop which means we were at their house.
"Well see ya tomorrow" I said about to walk away
"Wait" then I turned around
"What about a goodnight kiss?" I walked to him and smiled and gave him a kiss on the corner of his mouth. And gave him a hug then walked back home.

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