BMA's Pt.1

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3 weeks later
Daniel and I are still dating and today is the day we go to the BMA's. I'm so nervous it's so many famous people who's gonna be there and just ahhh. I wish Daniel was here I haven't really been seeing him because of voice rehearsals and outfit fittings so I've been hanging with Mark and Lyssa if I'm bored. When I was done putting on my clothes and all that stuff I heard my door open and close I was scared so I grabbed my blow drier and my tazer. I went downstairs slowly and turned my tazer it on and then I ran and taze the person oww I heard with a thump on the floor I saw who it is and it was DANIEL "omigosh I'm so sorry" I say while pulling him up "what are you doing here?" I said suprised "I'm here to see you and serenate you and cuddle with you because I know I haven't been around you lately love" he said getting closer every word the he leaned down and kissed me I felt fireworks and butterflies. Then I gave him a long hug and kiss "So what do you wanna do?" I asked then he started singing All My Love it's so cute when he does that it never gets old. "But I actually came to hang with you and tell you what time we're suppose to be at the BMA's" he said then I started getting nervous "oh y-yea that" I said putting my hand on my hip "awwwe love don't be nervous" he said hugging me and pulling on the couch with him. "So today you're riding with Logan and me and the boys, also you will be getting a dress fitting with hair and makeup" he said and I nodded "but right now it's just you and me" be said while kissing my temelple we cuddled for like 2 hours then he got a phone call saying we should get our stuff ready to fly to Las Vegas in the private jet. So I went upstairs grabbed all my stuff I was taking and went to Logan's house to go in the jet. When we were there they were all doing Snapchats and Social Media stuff. So I did too and we went in the plane "this is the fastest private jet ever" the pilot said Corbyn's face was so funny when the man said that. The plane started we were there quite fast we finally got off the plane and got to our hotel rooms I shared a bed with Daniel of course and we all went to explore and maybe take some photos. We saw a lot of cool stuff we went to get some food and headed back to the hotel I sat on the bed next to Zacg because we haven't been talking a lot since the incident happened. "Hey" I said smiling "oh hey Ashley" he said while continuing to be ob his phone "are we still not talking to each other?" I asked and he sighed "no are you still mad at me?" He asked "I'm not mad at you" I said "really?" He said and I nodded then his face lit up and we did our brestfriend shake that's what we named it "here we go again" Jonah said sighing. Hours later I noticed that Jack and I were kinda matching we both had on adida shirts so I whispered "twinzies" and he chuckled and kissed me on the cheek but Daniel didn't see it "Jackk" I whispered while hit his shoulder "whattt" he whispered "where's Daniel?" I asked leaning on his shoulder then he pointed to the bathroom he was taking a shower. "Can I Change In Here!!" I yelled then he stuck his head out and said "what are you doing in here?" He asked "I need to change and the boys are all in there" I said innocently "Fine" he said defeated and I changed my clothes an walked out and layed on the bed minutes later Daniel did the same.
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