Dinner With My Dad

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Today I woke up and got a call from my dad's assistant and said that he wanted to have dinner with me. I was a little happy and a little not happy. I went in my closet and got that hoodie I stole from Jack and smelled it and smiled. I got in the shower and did that stuff then I did my hair and barely did makeup. His assistant said he wanted it to be at 3:00pm and I checked the time and it was 11:00 so I had some time to do stuff. The boys went home yesterday because they had to do something with Logan Paul so I was here alone watching random stuff then I checked the time and it was 1:00pm and I heard a knock on my door and it was that same boy I met yesterday he had a gift basket. It turns out he was my new neighbor and his mom made him give me a gift basket. Then I started to get ready and I changed into this

 Then I started to get ready and I changed into this

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I wanted to look casual but dressy. I checked the time and it was 3:00pm the doorbell rung and I saw him I hugger him and we headed to the limo. The car drive was silent and we arrived it was a beautiful place it was pretty cool and we got to our table. We started ordering I got pasta and he got steak. "So how have you been lately" he asked "good" I said sipping my water that the waitress gave us. Our food we ate in silence as usual "are you enjoying your summer"  he asked then I nodded ring ring I heard and it was his phone and he said he had to leave. I was really sad because he had to do some business so I just ate alone until I sas Corbyn and Christina walk in and I rolled my eyes picking at my food and my dad already paid so I left. Then I saw Corbyn talk to Christina and he came outside and I realized I didn't have a ride so I just looked stupid. "Hey Ash what are you doing here?" He asked "I don't want to talk about it" I said really fast "oh ok well see ya" For some reason my brain was telling me to call Daniel and I did
Me:"Hey" I think he was napping "um can you pick me up from Rosemary's" (made up name)

aniel😆:"sure are you ok"

Me:"yea sure" then I hung up. 5 mins later it started pouring raining in the middle of summer the rain got harder until Daniel came and I did not wear waterproof makeup so I could feel my eyeliner and mascara dripping. The car drive was silent I looked at the rain on the windows the car stopped and he was at their house and I went inside and straight upstairs to Daniel's room and took a shower, I grabbed a shirt from his closet and found some shorts in the guessed room I stayed in last time. Daniel came upstairs and we both sat on his bed "so do you wanna talk about what happened?" Daniel asked softly "I just need a hug right now or something" I said looking down and he pulled me in a hug and I gave him a tight hug and he fell backwards onto the bed and he laughed but I laughed a little "hey come on you can smile better than that" he said holding my chin and singing his part in Just Tto See You Smile after I did smile and he started to lean in so did I and our lips connected I felt sparks.

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