New York?

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I woke up feeling someone staring at me. I kept my eyes closed and breathed out my nose I slowly opened my eyes and saw Daniel staring at me so I threw a pillow at his face "score" I mumbled under my breath but he just kept staring at me smiling. "What?" I asked sitting up then I just realized I had bed hair "oh no is it my hair?" I said and was starting but I was rushing so I fell out of the bed with an ouch. Then Daniel walked over to help me up. "Thanks" I said smiling but then I forgot and ran in the bathroom to freshen up. Today I didn't wear my contacts because I got some new perscriptionized glasses. After that I put my hair in a not so messy bun and I changed my clothes to something that I don't usually wear. I'm going start doing things with my outfit I then did my makeup but not to much. When I walked out and Daniel was gone so I went downstairs and he wasn't there. "Daniel! Daniel?!" I yelled and then I shrugged my shoulders and went to the kitchen "boo!" I heard and I screamed while turning around it was Daniel so I punched him in the arm "why did you do that!" I yelled folding my arms "y-you s-should've seen your f-face" he said between laughter while I walked away "wait" he said grabbing my arm "what?" I asked taking a breath then he wrapped me up in a hug that I returned followed by a kiss on the cheek "have I told you you're beautiful" he said "I'm not sure" I responded "well your beautiful" he said and I laughed lightly then GE went to grab something and it was his guitar "I'm gonna teach you how to play" he said holding it up. He walked to the Couch and then I sat while he grabbed a chair. We started and it was hard for me to put my hands in the wright position then he taught me some notes that I failed at. "Daniel I suck at this" I said putting the guitar down "I'm better st this. I said walking to the piano room "oh well that's cool too" he said and we both began to laugh and play and showoff. "Hey can I ask you something?" He said "yup" I responded "can you come to New York with us? we're going to be on the Today show!!!" He said getting excited at the end "hmm I would have to ask my dad but I'll let you know later" I said. I went downstairs and put on Netflix "let's have a movie night!!" I said excitingly but it was to early so he went back home to grab some stuff for movie night when we came back we went to the store to grab popcorn,candy, and snacks. After that we for a walk and took some Instagram photos and headed to my place. "I'm about to go change" I said running up stairs. I wore this

and I put my hair in a ponytail I wore dome different glasses because the ones I had on originally were only for style

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and I put my hair in a ponytail I wore dome different glasses because the ones I had on originally were only for style. I wore my favorite chapstick because why not?. "So what movie are we watching?" I asked putting some popcorn in the microwave and taking all the junk food out. "Let's watch The Unborn" he said grabbing the remote "wait is that scary?" I asked but before he answered the microwave beeped so I grabbed it out quickly putting it in  a bowl because it was hot. I brung the bowl in the living room and sat on the couch putting my legs on Daniel. Turns out the movie was scary so I screamed a bunch of times but Daniel got scared too but he didn't scream. 2 movies later I got scared because it was dark in the house but I was half way sleep so Daniel put me in my bed but I asked him to stay because I was creeped out by every weird noise but I still couldn't sleep even though I was tired before I went to bed I texted my dad asking can I go to New York with the boys he said yes then I told Daniel and he said the flight was tomorrow so I set an alarm to pack for early in the morning and finally fell asleep.

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