Just A Day

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I woke up on the couch of the guy's house. Daniel had his arm wrapped around my waist and he was still asleep "Morning" Daniel whispered while I got up "I'm gonna go use the bathroom" I said quickly because I was starting my monthly and I brung pads just in case "Are you ok!" Daniel asked knocking "Ughh yes I'm fine can you please just get away!!" I yelled finishing up and washing my hands "I need to go" I said walking outside followed by Daniel "Wait what's wrong" he asked then I started getting cramps "Owwww!" I yelled holding my stomach "Ohhhh" he said picking me up bridal style "Put me down I don't want you to touch me" I said kicking my legs "Sure" he said continuing to walk and we finally got  to my house. I went straight inside and took a shower "Hey you ok?" Daniel asked softly "Ugh you're still here" I said sitting down next to him on my bed "Forever and always" He said pulling me back on my headboard and sitting me between his legs "Daniel it hurts"I said sitting back "My heart hurts seeing you hurt and I don't know how you feel but I love you" he said kissing my neck,jawline and lips. "What do you wanna watch?" Daniel asked "I don't know" I said closing my eyes "okay well I'll just be on my phone" he said as I snuggled closer to him "You tired?" He asked and I nodded. Then it got into a comfortable silence. "I love you" Daniel whispered kissing my forehead "I love you too" I mumbled in his chest as our legs were tangled.
~1 hour later~  I woke in Daniel's arms and I saw he was asleep so I smiled at his presence and I started to trace circles on his stomach until he woke up "Hi love" he breathed out pulling me closer "You feel any better?" He asked "Yea" I nodded "Good he said pecking my lips "Stoooop" I groaned "Your mood swings are so adorable" he said laughing at me "Why are you laughing" I said stuffing my head in a pillow "Oh I bought you these" he said pulling out chocolates and a rose "I hope you feel better" he said kissing my cheek and getting up "Wait!!" I yelled "Oh now you want me to stay" He said jokingly "Yess" I groaned in the pillow "But I'm hungry" he whined "Fineeee" I groaned again "Are just gonna keep groaning it's not gonna help you" he said sitting next to me then I sat up and stood up tiredly "What do you want to eat?" He asked, "Uhh I don't know" I said stretching while walking downstairs until it got quiet "Daniel stop playing" I said sitting on the couch "Loveee guess what?" Daniel said,"What?" I asked "I love youuuu" He said laying on me squishing me in the couch"Get uppp!!" I yelled in the couch "You know you love me" he sung "Really" I said dryly "I know you care" here still sung "Just shout whenever and I'll be there" He sung again and I just started laughing "I love you!" I giggled in the couch "Dani" get up please I said as his head was laying in the crook of my neck "What?" He asked I could feel his breath tickle my skin "Can you please get off me?" I asked kissing his neck and lips "Do that again please" he said, "Maybe" I said playing with his hair  "If I kiss you would you get off?" I asked "Maybe" he mumbled in my neck. When he sat up I kissed and bit his bottom lip softly "That was hot do it again" he said getting off of me "Finally!" I said, stretching again "You're so adorable" He said laughing "Thanks" I said. Then he started laughing "You had like twenty mood swings" he said wrapping his arms around my waist "Sorry if I said anything rude" I say pulling him closer and I kissed and bit his bottom lip softly "That drives me crazyyy" Daniel groaned against my lips "Your eyes drive me crazy" I said hugging him. "I wanna stay like this forever" I whispered while still in his embrace.
Just a little cute chapter😍😆

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