Hitting Number 1 & Apologies

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I was in the middle of a great sleep untill 5 boys were jumping on my bed saying "we hit number one" over and over untill I woke up. I started hitting them with a pillow and shoved them out and locked my door. Yes I bought a lock for my door, I took out some clothes to wear then I took a shower and did light makeup. Then I walked downstairs and saw no one was in here they were in my backyard talking to my dad. "Hey dad" I said putting on a fake smile "hey sweetie" he said smiling while hugging me. "Ok guys I have to go take this call" my dad said about his ringing phone. Uck I thought my dad never talks to me but whatever. I went to sit next to Zach and gave him a dramatic sigh and layed my back on his shoulder then I gave another dramatic sigh and batted my eyelashes "ok what do you want?" He asked looking at me "I'm bored" I said pouting and putting my hand on my chin then I saw Daniel and Jack making Insta stories and I got up and stole Daniel's phone and took a picture that said 'hacked by Bff' then I posted it to his story and took some pics on his phone I was having fun untill he took it away from me "you're no fun" I said in a baby voice which made him laugh and I tried tp keep a straight face but it's hard when you see him laugh. So I started smiling and he said "awee I knew you couldn't resist" while pinching my cheeks but I slapped his hands away. Then I walked up to Zach and said "are we stealing shoes now" because we were wearing the exact same shoes he looked down and said "well I guess we both have good taste" then I laughed and went back in the house. "Hey Ashley" I just pretended I couldn't hear him because the person who is talking to me is Corbyn. "Please just talk to me" he said looking at me but I walked past him and he followed me to my room and closed the door "why are you still in here?" I said while rolling my eyes "because I wanted to apologize" he answered, "forrr" I replied. "I'm sorry for being rude to you and saying I never liked you" he said while looking at me "I guess I'll except your apology" I said trying to be tough "well I guess I'm sorry for being to your girlfriend" I said and he gave me a hug and a smile he left the room after that. I went downstairs in the yard and saw Mark in his yard so I waved and smiled. "Who are you waving at?" Jack said very confused but I just laughed at the face he was making and he was still confused. As the time went by it started to get dark so we were chilling in the house eating our dinner while the boys were singing ramdom stuff we all eventually fell asleep. But I woke up at 2a.m. because I heard a noise I looked in the kitchen and it was Jonah he was crying a little bit so I got up and walked next to him "you ok?" I asked feeling bad for him "yea it's just someone broke my heart" he said with sadness in his voice "well I've experienced it too and it's not so pretty" I said while following him to the couch. I sat down with my legs on the couch and Jonah layed his head on my lap and we fell asleep like that.
Btw people who are fans of Christina I have nothing against her I just find it intriguing😉.

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