Prank Wars Pt.1

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I was woken up by a loud noise, my eyes shot open and saw Daniel and Jack slamming pots into pans "GET OUT!!" I screamed and they ran laughing. Oh so he wants to pull prank huh I thought going into his room, I took all of his shoes and threw them in the pool. I wonder when he's gonna find out? I thought as I went downstairs, I was so upset because I was hosting a freaking party all night and then clean up. "Good morning love,sleep well?" He asked as the guys and him laughed "Seavey" I said raising one eyebrow quickly "Oooo she used your last name she must really be mad" Corbyn said chuckling. I got a water bottle and I was quietly drinking it as they were watching me "Why is are you so quiet?" Zach asked "Oh no what did you do everyone check your rooms!" Zach said a they all went upstairs "I'm good!" Jack said, "I'm good"Corbyn said, "My room's fine"Jonah said, "Nothing in here" Zach said, "Wait where's all of my shoes!?" Daniel asked while I laughed "Where are they?" Daniel asked  coming downstairs "You'll see Seavey" I whispered   kissing his cheek slowly as I sat on the couch "What the heck!!" I heard Daniel scream and I laughed even more than last time "You're lucky I can't kill you" he said as I was in the backyard with him "You love me too much" I said grinning, "Yea too much" he said walking away angrily to his room so I followed him. "Oh now your mad" I said sarcastically "But how do you think I feel when you woke me up I didn't even get a lot of sleep last night" I said getting annoyed "Well this means prank wars then" he said "Just know if it gets crazy I still love you" I said putting my arms around his neck "I love you too" he said hugging me. "Prank Warssss!!" Daniel yelled like a maniac while I laughed "You're on" I said heading downstairs. I was being very careful of everything because they could do anything. Then I had an idea for a prank "Hey guys I'm bored lets go swimming!" I said, "Sure" they all said going to change I grabbed my swimsuit and I changed too.

 Then I had an idea for a prank "Hey guys I'm bored lets go swimming!" I said, "Sure" they all said going to change I grabbed my swimsuit and I changed too

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I put some shorts on because it's part of my plan. We all went to the pool and  the boys were doing what looks like the dumb version of swimming olympics "Why don't you join us in our olympics" Daniel said, "Okay" I say taking my shorts off and started to go back and then run to dive, but what they didn't know was that I was gonna be under the water for quite awhile. I went into the water and I stayed in there until they got worried "Wait guys she's not coming back up!!" Daniel yelled,"I get her!" Zach yelled jumping off of the floaty chair he dived in and held me up while Daniel took me to the grass "Please don't do this to me" he said with his voice breaking then he began to do CPR so I took this as an opportunity to kiss him "Prank wars" I whispered and he got up angrily while I was laughing so hard "Oh my god she's alive!" Zach said squeezing me tightly "Wait was this a prank?" Corbyn asked and I nodded "My back is gonna be worse" Daniel said irritated "Are you mad Dani wani" I said pinching his cheeks "YES I THOUGHT I LOST YOU!" he yelled while we were inside "But I'm here now right?" I asked touching his face "Yea you're right" he said softly and he kissed my nose. When I thought that he was gonna kiss me he licked me "Eww you're disgusting!" I said wiping my mouth off, I clened off my mouth and I went back to my own house. I got an face time from Daniel "Yes" I answered "Why'd you leave me?" He asked fake pouting "Because..." I said "Well I'm coming over to cuddle" he said and hung up, he's so clingy but I love him I thought changing into my bed clothes. Seconds not even minutes later I heard my doorbell ring "Hello Daniel what a surprise" I said sarcastically "Come on you love me" Daniel said adorably "Okay you got me on that one" I said turning on Netflix "Wow Netflix and Chill already?" Daniel asked while I threw the remote at him "Do you ever shut up?" I asked, "Never" he said cuddling next to me which I groaned about "Get off me" I said kicking him "Nope" he said while laying his head on my lap.

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