Meet the Parents

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Today was meet the parents day where I'm having a actual family dinner with them am I nervous yes, yes I am "wait so what time?" I asked Daniel while zipping my suitcase "um 8 I think" he said "You think!! Daniel! Seriously" I said hitting his arm multiple times "owww geez Ash why'd you have to hit me so hard!" He said rubbing his arm "because you're so chill about it and I'm freaking out like a crazy person!" I said pasing around the room. "Ash" he said "Ashley" he said again "Ashley!" He almost yelled this time "whattt" I said getting annoyed "come here" he says opening his arms and I stopped pasing and went into his arms suffocating myself in his scent "are you sniffing me?" He asked looking down at me "maybe" I responded getting the last scent in before we break the hug. "Oh and by the way Daniel change your shirt it smells weird" I said lying because I wanted his shirt "aw man I thought this was clean" he said talking to himself why I held in a laugh he took it off and I grabbed it while he was looking for another shirt he finally found one and I changed my shirt. The shirt was a little to long so I took a rubber band and tied a knot in the front "hey does this smel-,wait is that my shirt?" He asked full of confusion "nope" I said quickly "you little thief" he said squinting his eyes and pointing at me "first my hart and now my clothes" he said tackling me onto the bed "hey guys ar-" Jonah opened the door and said. "Why am I always the one who interrupts you guys"he said dramatically "are you guys ready or are you gonna like make out first?" Jonah asked causingt me to push Daniel off of me.
——————————————————     We finally got to the airport and we began to say our 'see you soon'. They first called Corbyn's flight and we all hugged him and said bye. Then Jack's flight "bye noodles"  I said putting my fingers threw his hair then gave him a hug then it was just Daniel, Zach and I awkwarddd. Zach's flight was and he got up so did I "imma miss you bff" I said opening my arms and we hugged tightly and he lifted me up and spun me around and said bye to Daniel. "I guess it's just you and me" Daniel said like 2 minutes before they called our flight and we both did all that plane stuff and got on our plane. The flight was pretty long so I tried to take a nap  but I couldn't "Daniel" I say looking towards and I saw that he was sleep so I took a video of me and him and made the same face as him. I posted it on my Instagram story, after a while I fell asleep. Later I woke up and the flight was over Daniel was already awake and getting up "You ready?" He asked pulling me up "nope" I said popping the 'p' and grabbing my stuff I walked out of the plane with Daniel behind me "what if they don't like me." I say dragging my stuff outside, "Why wouldn't they like you?" Daniel asked me but I didn't answer it "What hotel are we going to?" I answered with a question. He sighed and called an Uber to go to our hotel.
I'm finally ready to meet his parents I wore this:

Out of everything my hair took the longest I had to wash it, brush it, straighten it and curl it

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Out of everything my hair took the longest I had to wash it, brush it, straighten it and curl it. We are currently in an Uber going to a fancy dinner I love where Daniel lives it's so nice here. We got to the place and I saw a couple of people here there but then I saw some people dressed nicely at a table "Danielll!!!" a girl with ombre hair and Daniel's eye's said "Annaaa!!!" He said hugging her tightly "oh my god is this her she's so pretty awee Danii" she said wiggling her eyebrows "I'm Anna" she said "Hello I'm Ashley" I said while shaking her hand "Hi mom" Daniel said giving her a hug "and is this the Ashley you've been ranting on about?" She asked giving me a warm smile which I returned. Mom!" He said embarrassed them we began to sit down and order. Daniel was holding my hand the whole time so I was calm we ended having a movie night sonce his family loved me so much. I was happy and very surprised.

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