Introduction Pt.1

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I was woken up by my cell phone ringing, it was like 6 in the morning because I live in Michigan. The caller ID was in L.A. it was my dad he wanted to take me with him for the summer my mom suggested it so I guess it's for the best as I sighed I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and just splashed water on my face and got ready for the day. I literally just threw on some joggers and a tank top, I went downstairs to talk to my mom and she was already awake a d I'm just like how does she do it. After saying our goodbyes I grabbed my bags and luggages and waited for my Uber it got here in like 5 mins I threw all muy stuff in the trunk and we headed to the airport. I was not excited I was still mad at my dad but whatever, as I was looking at my phone we came to a stop and here I was at the airport the driver halped me with my luggage after getting my luggage inside I waited for like 10 mins for my flight. This was gonna be a long flight so I went to sleep as soon as I got to my seat. After sleeping threw the whole flight which was 3 hrs I felt energized than usual. When I got off the plane I was waiting for all my bags and stuff when I got them I went looking for a sign that had my name on it. When I was looking around I saw the sign thar said
"Ashley Brown" I went to it and saw my dad we instantly gave each other a tight hug.
"Wow Ash you grew to be a beautiful girl" he said
"Thanks" I replied then headed to the limo outside we both got in and didn't say much say much to each other. 15 mins later we were at this gigantic house or mansion but it was so moderate I just stared at it in awe as my dad pushed me threw the door. My bags was already upstairs and there was nice furniture for me as I was unpacking and organizing I heard singing from downstairs. So I changed into this.

After doing my makeup I took my hair out of my messy bun and left it wavy and went downstairs

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After doing my makeup I took my hair out of my messy bun and left it wavy and went downstairs. I saw all of the boys they were all mighty fine but I couldn't say that out loud. They were all sitting on the couches practicing untill I walked down all eyes were on me then the one with with the noodle hair said
"Where's the other half of your shirt". I just looked at him and said
"Before I answer any of your questions, what's all your names"
"Ok well I'm Jack" he said
"Jonah" one guy said
"Hello I'm Daniel" a cute boy said eww wait what. Then the other ones were Zach and Corbyn. They were all hot so I didn't mind them living here.

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