BMA's Pt.2

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"Wake up" I heard someone say softly while shaking me but I turned the other way. Then the same person kissed me on the neck softly and I opened my eyes slowly and it was Daniel he was hovering over me and I smiled and didn't talk because I probably have morning breath so I pushed him over and ran in the bathroom to freshen up then get ready I got done taking a shower and I started to blow dry my hair then I got pulled out of the bathroom by all the boys and someone got in there "Look we're sorry but we are taking showers first because you are gonna take hours in the bathroom" Jonah said while looking at me but I just sighed and waited for all of them to take their shower when they were stone I raced to the bathroom and started on my makeup while facetiming Mark "heyyy" I said while putting on makeup looking in the mirror "wasuup" he said looking at me "Mark so which lipstick?" I asked him the only reason I'm asking him is because Lyssa is un Hawaii and I don't want to ruin her trip. "I don't know why you're asking me I'm actually on tour right now but I'm at a hotel" he said and I heard someone yell "mark is that your girlfriend" "what? no" he said yelling. "Hi" a brown hair boy said " who are you?" I asked while finishing my makeup and starting on my hair "Joey Birlemmm" he said while smiling " hi and bye because I have to finish up" I said while hanging up. Once I finished my hair I put on my dress and some jewelry after that I got my hills and came out the bathroom everyone was flabbergasted "whattt?" I asked frustrated because I thought something was wrong "you look good" said Jack "you look nice" said Jonah,Corbyn and Zach "you look breath taking" Daniel said while I rapped my arms around his neck and he snaked his arms around my waist and we were about to kiss untill we got interrupted by Jack and we all headed out to ride in a limo it was fun jaming to their music we finally got out the car and it was cameras and fans the boys took some pics with me and I got some by myself we got there a little early so it wasn't that many people there 30 minutes later we were all sitting down waiting for it to start it was pretty cool we all Snapchated it the whole time. "Isn't this awesome" Daniel whispered then I nodded rapidly. It was super cool seeing Nicki Minaj on stage 20 minutes later Logan was on stage I clapped gor him and he gave the award to BTS hours later it was more performances and it was over. We all talked to some people then headed back to our hotel rooms Daniel and I were walking together behind the others to the limo "so did you like it?" He asked looking at me "yeah it was pretty cool to see all everyone" I responded while getting in the car we drove back to the hotel and enter our rooms. As soon as I got in I took off my shoes brong my clothes in the bathroom and took a shower and changed my clothes. When I came out the hotel was a mess I was gone for like 10 minutes and this happened I am not cleaning up. Then I saw that everyone was sleep so I went to sleep too. "Goodnight love" Daniel whispered while kissing mr on the forehead "night" I replied while drifting off to sleep.

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