The Today Show

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I wogke before everyone and took a shower and brushed my teeth then I did my hair I left it natural but parted it in the middle this time. I put my clothes and when I came out Daniel was awake on his phone. "Good morning beauty" he said looking up from his phone. "Morning" I said "come cuddle with me" he said "how about later?" I asked "how about now he said pulling me onto his lap "noo you need to get ready" I said facing him "fine" he said and I got up and he gave me a soft kiss on the cheek while waiting for Daniel I went to Jack's hotel room to just chill with him when I knocked he opened the door sleepily with messy hair so I laughed at him "what?" He asked confused "nothing can I come in?" I said and he opened the door wider for me. "So what are you doing?" I asked "um I'm about to shower then change" he responded after that he asked me to take a pic with him but turns out it was a video. I finally decided it was time to check on Daniel so I went back to my room and Daniel and the rest of the boys were in the room soon Jack came too. Then we left in an uber to the today show "hey Daniel I just wanna say I'm so proud of you I can't believe your gonna be at the today show then the VMA's you're doing awesome" I said smiling "thanks I really appreciate that" he said smiling the car finally came to a stop we all rushed out and inside the building we greeted everyone and the boys started soundcheck. I snapchatted the place saying "the today show? What!!?" With a surprised face. "So Zach are you nervous?" I asked walking up to him "a little" he responded "well you shouldn't be" I said "wait do I sound ok?" he asked then started to sing "you sound amazayn" I said using the one direction version "amazayn?" he asked "it means you sounded great" I said "you guys are gonna be live in 5 minutes" the lady said going back behind the camera "I can't believe I'm gonna be on national TV!!" Zach said half scared and half excited "you've got this bestie just breathe" I said giving him a hug "yea you're right" he said getting it together. "how about you? How are you feeling?" I asked Daniel "I feel excited" he said smiling "well I hope you do awesome" I said giving him peck on the lips "ok you're on in 10 seconds!!!" The same lady said so I went to the area where you can watch them but not actually be I it with Eben. It finally started and they introduced the boys and interviewed them I saw some fans waiting to meet them and watching excitingly they finally started singing Something Different but like 2 versions with a dance routine". It was nice seeing some fans sing along to the song. The boys got to the dance part which my favorite part so I was dancing because I had learned the routine when they practiced. They got done said bye to everyone and headed outside to just take pics and videos and stuff like that with fans. Some of them wanted to take pictures with Daniel and I some shipped Zach and I so I took a pic with him too. When we got done meeting the fans we went right back to our own hotel rooms. Daniel took a longgg nap so I grabbed my laptop and head phones and started watching Netflix and I started reading a book while listening to music. I got bored so decided that I wanted to explore New York some more. Luckily I wasn't the only one because Jonah walked out the same time I did "you wanna explore with me I'm bored" I said and he shrugged and we left. Our first destination was the Statue of Liberty we took lots of of pictures then we went to Time Square and it was lots of people there it was pretty when it got dark. Lastly we got some dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings "hey Ashley where are we right now?" Jonah asked recording me "uhh Buffalo Wild Wings!!" I said looking into the camera. After we ate we went back to the hotel and I took a long shower,changed my clothes and fell asleep. "awe sleeping already" Daniel said "yup I'm tired" I say closing my eyes "well goodnight princess" he said and I fell asleep.
°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•     I'm sad summer is over😥 and because of school I might post a little later then usual💖🖤.

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