Are U Jelly?

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Zach and I have been growing closer to each other so we talk all the time. Like now, we were talking about me visiting his family. They said they wanted to meet me especially Reece and Ryan. "So when are we going?" I asked excitingly "I don't know yet" He said smiling. "So I heard you got a trip to Ital for Christmas;How was it?" He asked turning around to fully face me. "It was really good!" I said then I went on and on about the landscape and people but he was just staring at me and grinning "What?" I asked stopping "Nothing speaking of Christmas presents,I forgot to give you yours" He said pulling out a box "Open itttt" he said handing it to me. I opened it and there were two bracelets with an infinity symbol on it. " way are these friendship bracelets?" I asked chuckling while picking them up

"Yup one for me, and one for you" he said grinning madly "Dude!I love it" I said giving him a huge hug "I knew you would

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"Yup one for me, and one for you" he said grinning madly "Dude!I love it" I said giving him a huge hug "I knew you would.....and it also means are relationship will last to infinity and beyond!" He yellef quoting Toy Story making me laugh. "Really Zach you just had to—" I said but got cut off by Daniel picking me up bridal style. "What are you doing?" I asked in confusion as he was walking away from Zach.I could see Zach's smile fade a little as I was still in Daniels arms. "Daniel what the heck was that for!? I wa—" I said getting cut off by Daniel's lips but I broke it quickly knowing something was off. "Daniel what's up?" I asked putting my arms doing his neck, "Nothing.....I just wanted to kiss you..." He said not looking me in the eyes "Daniel!Hey my eye are up here" I said but he still didn't meet my gaze. "Are you jelly?" I asked hiding a smile "Maybe?" He said eyes wondering around the room "Well you shouldn't be" I said pulling him close listening to his heartbeat
It was racing meaning I have an affect on him which is adorable. "We should really cuddle it helps a lot" Daniel whispered lifting me up on my bed and pulling me closer. "I like this" I said kissing his bicep "Me too" he said said rubbing circles on my arm "But I'm pretty uncomfortable because I have on boots Daniel" I said sitting up "Guys look at my beautiful girlfriend" Daniel said recording me "Can you stop?" I asked turning around "I can...but I won't." He stated still recording so I threw a pillow at him "Now leave me alone" I say getting up and going out the door "Wait!" He yelled "Yes?" I asked "Let me take you out" he said confidently grabbing my hand "Ok then" I said  swinging our intertwined fingers. "Where are we going?" I asked "Roller Skating" he answered pulling me along.
The walk was long but short and we finally made it "This is gonna be fun!!" I yelled walking inside "Come on" he said walking to the desk. Once we got our skates on I held his hand as he was struggling "Daniel can you skate?" I giggled "I'm not the best skater" he said stumbling a bit "Ooo I love this song" I say skating backwards looking into my boyfriend's blue eyes. "What are you looking at" Daniel said grabbing my hips "You" I said wrapping my arms around his torso "Is it weird to kiss someone in the middle of a skating rink?" Daniel asked "Maybe a little" I whispered "Well I guess I'm really weird then" He said kissing me quickly. We finally left and were cuddled in his bed. "I wanna stay like this forever and I don't want to ever lose you." He whispered that gave chills down my spine "Me too" I whispered turning around to kiss him "I love you"  I said kissing him over and over again until he planted tiny pecks on my neck "Oh my god stooop that tickles!!"I yelled trying to push him off of me but failed so I just played three his hair for the rest of the day. Until Zach told me to come downstairs "Yesss" I said, "So we are going to my hometown in two days" He said "Okay guys are always buying me tickets for something" I said walking towards the door "Where are you going?" Daniel asked with I think a glint of sadness in his eyes but I brushed it off. "Um can walk me out if you want?" I asked "Oh sure" he said coming outside "Well my Uber should be here in any—HONK! and there's my ride byee" I said quickly kissing him.

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