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2 days later
Today the boys and I are in Boston today is kind of busy because they have an interview at 11:00am so they spent extra time getting but I didn't because I'm not getting interviewed I'm not famous. "You look beautiful love" Daniel said pecking my lips then cheek then forehead. "Well I think you look fabulous" I said doing a dramatic pose "why thank you" he said pretended to flip his hair then he took my hand and kissed it "I enjoy the love Seavey" I said while patting his shoulders "I love you" he said while going in the bathroom to do his hair as I followed him "why do you have perfect hair?" I said leaving the bathroom. I left my room to go to see what the others were doing "heyyy" I said "hey Ashley" they all said at the same time "where's my best friend "um he's brushing his teeth" Corbyn said while checking his phone. "Hi bestie" I said while sitting on the sink "are you gonna do something to your hair?" I asked honestly "you really think I'm gonna wear mg hair like this?" He asked "we should match today" I said ignoring his question. "Sure" he said shrugging "here's behind the scenes of the Zach Herron" I said while recording him doing his hair. He gave me the 'seriously' look and I zoomed in on his face and posted that video in my stories.  After that I got down and I went back in the room. "So Ashley how are you and Daniel holding up" Corbyn asked for some reason but I ignored the question and went back to my room "You Still didn't answer my question!!" Corbyn right before I walked out. "Hi Jack" I said "OK are you guys ready?" I asked "yea" Daniel said and we headed out after knocking on the other boys door we headed to the interview place it was inside and they all sat down with microphones and stuff the guy started asking questions about tour and how they like It so far then he asked about embarrassing moments and fans. After that they asked about their love life "So any of you single?" He asked then Corbyn smiled and all the of the boys laughed "um two of them are taken" Zach said "so which ones are taken?" The guy said "us" Corbyn and Daniel said at the same time then they showed pictures me and Daniel then of Christina and Corbyn "Yea but her name is Ashley she's incredible" he said then Corbyn said some stuff about Christina but I didn't remember because all I remembered was Daniel calling me incredible. The interview was over and they headed straight to the venue. It wasn't pretty far so we got there in about 5 minutes when we got out it was a lot of fans lined  up it wrapped around the building we went in from the front and everyone was screaming so we ran inside. As we were at soundcheck Daniel went to grab some water and I followed him "hey Daniel thanks " I said "thanks for what?" He said in confusion "thanks for calling me incredible" I say while wrapping my arms around Hus neck "well you are" he said kissing my forehead and going back to practice. Today was the same as yesterday so I decided to get some food alone. I went to Wendy's because the boys aren't around so I can eat however I want. I order my food then caught and Uber back to the hotel and I went live on Instagram. People kept commenting dance so I did as they wanted I put on Humble because I used phone and brought my speaker with me and I started dancing then I played Kiss or Diss "okay guys comment some names down and I'll pick some" I said while eating a fry "ooo Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber? I'll kiss JB and diss Shawn sorry but I love his music though" after 30 minutes of that I had like a bunch of hours to spend so I face timed Hunter "hiii" I said smiling "heyyy" Brandon his brother said "you are not Hunter" I said "Hunterrr your girlfriend is on the phone!!!" He screamed then Hunter snatched the phone away "sorry about that" He said closing a door "it's fine" I said "so how are you?" He asked smiling "I'm great and who's that in the background? I said looking at him "oh that's Blake say hi" he responded with a wave and smile. When I got done talking with him I benged watched Riverdale then I Heard a door open "heyyy" Daniel said sitting next to me "hi" I said looking at him "I'm so tired" he said while yarning and putting his head o. my shoulder "well get some sleep" I said. Then he went to sleep some minutes later.

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