Bones and Kirk

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"Goodmorning (y/n)," Kirk told you with a smile while walking up to you. "I got you coffee."

"Thank you," you said with a smile back before taking a small sip of the coffee. You were surprised to see it was made just how you liked it.

"Goodmorning (y/n)," Bones said while walking up to your other side. "I brought you a donut."

"Thank you," you told him a little confused before taking the donut, which happened to also be your favorite, out of his hand.

"The two of you just saved me so much time, thank you both again," you told the pair before walking towards the bridge. You heard the two bickering behind you but didn't bother to get involved, they did that constantly.

The day went on in a similar fashion. Kirk or Bones would show up to help you or give you something, then the other would do the same thing. The odd cycle was both helpful and extremely confusing.

When the two guys approached you after dinner with your favorite hot drink and dessert you decided it was time question them.

"What the heck are the two of you doing? I love the help but I just don't get it."

"Well you see-" "The thing is-" "I'll tell her-" "No, as I was saying-" the two of them just went on and on, bickering back and forth. Soon they were so absorbed in their argument that they didn't realize you had walked out of the rec. room where the three of you had been eating to go back to your room.

Within a few minutes you heard two knocks on your door. Opening it, you realized it was the two hooligans who you had left bickering in the rec. room.

"Come to actually answer my question?"

"Yes," the two men said in unison before glaring at each other.

"So we both like you," Kirk started.

"And we've been fighting over you," Bones elaborated.

"But, we've decided it's time for you to pick," Kirk added.

"Time for me to pick?" You questioned in disbelief. They both liked you? How did that even happen? You'd've been lucky for just one of them to like you.

"It's your choice," Bones told you with a bright smile, urging you to pick him. You stared back at him still unsure who to pick, they were both amazing guys.

"I have a plan," you told them. Both men looked at you attentively at that. "It's time for enie menie minie moe!"

You went through the funny chant while the guys stared back at you about oddly. Then you landed in Bones. "Sorry Bones, looks like you're out."

"That was a strange way to decided (y/n)," Bones told you.

"Yeah, I know, but I'm strange so it makes sense,"

"The best kind of strange," Bones told you, making you blush slightly.

"Hey, you lost, stop flirting," Kirk told Bones.

"Nope, because I'll be here to sweep her off her feet one day. You'll never see it coming," Bones told Kirk.

"No, I'll be watching and not let it happen," Kirk insisted. You only rolled your eyes at the pair.

"You're goofs," you told them before closing the door, leaving then bickering in the hallway again. How did you end up having to pick between two guys as cute as Bones and Kirk? You just laughed and smiled. You had a date with Kirk, as long as he could stop fighting Bones for a while.

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