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"Are you ready to go yet?" Your boyfriend Captain Jonathan Archer asked.

"Yes, calm down. I've never seen you so excited about shore leave before." You told him.

"But this is exciting, I got tickets for the big game! This is great!" Jonathan said excitedly while sitting down in the shuttle.

"Forgetting something?" You asked with a laugh while looking at his poor dog Porthos who was struggling to get into the shuttle. Jonathan stared back confused before seeing Porthos. He helped the dog into the shuttle with a laugh before helping you in and closing the door.

The planet looked very similar to earth as the shuttle craft slowly went down to the surface. You landed easily and walked out of the shuttle and took a deep breath.

Jonathan rushed the two of you to your room as soon as the shuttle had landed. He put your bags down and quickly to ready to leave the room again.

"Relax, we still have an hour before it starts!" You told him as he walked towards the door.

"I want to make sure we get good seats." He grumbled at you while waiting at the door. You gave in and followed him, trying to slow him done the whole way.

The two of you reached the stadium and Jonathan picked your seats. You listened to him go on and on about his days playing the sport and even listen to him talking stats with one of the native humanoids of the planet.

As soon as the game started Jonathan was fully into it, jumping and screaming eight the rest of the crowed.

"You know I really don't know why you love this so much." You told Jonathan, much to his dismay. "Football and hockey are much better." Jonathan stared at you as if you were crazy again.

"(Y/n), water polo is the best sport in the galaxy. I have seen all major sports on earth, along with some unheard of sports on new planets we have visited and none have been better that water polo." He told you, still looking confused as to why you didn't agree.

"Ok Jonathan, whatever, just watch the game." You said dismissively. Jonathan grumbled about how you just didn't get it while turning back to the pool. You spent the rest of the game not actually watching, but watching your adorable boyfriend react to every little movement in the pool.

Once the match was over, and the team Jonathan wanted to win did indeed do just that, the two of you were walking back towards the condo you rented for a few days.

"Did you enjoy the game?" Jonathan asked you eventually.

"Did I enjoy the game, not so much, did I enjoy watching you watch the game, absolutely." You told him happily. Jonathan smiled at you before kissing you softly.

"I love you." He said quietly with a smile on his face.

"I love you too." You told him before pulling him towards your condo, looking forward to spending the night hanging out with your amazing boyfriend on a new planet.

Hope everyone enjoyed this one. I can't help but think of Jonathan Archer event time I hear about water polo so this happened.

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