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"What are you doing in there?" Your husband Scotty asked you form the living room.

"Nothing," you replied for the kitchen, hoping he didn't come to investigate.

"You're a terrible liar," Scotty said with a laugh while walking into the kitchen. "What are you actually doing?"

"I'm making cookies," you said with a sigh.

"Great, can I help?"

"Your version of helping is eating most of the cookie dough before it makes it in the oven!"

"That's ok, who needs baked cookies anyway?" He asked.

"I do, so go sit down and let me make my cookies!"

"Fine," he muttered before sitting at the other side of the counter you were working at. You made the cookie dough without allowing him to eat any of it but the second you turned around to get a cookie sheet Scotty stole the spoon covered in cookie dough.

"Babe! Come on, I told you not to!"

"But it's so good," he replied with a smile.

"No more," you said sternly before scooping the dough onto the cookie sheet.

After you put the first two sheets of cookies into the oven you turned around to see the whole bowl of cookie dough gone.

"Scotty, I know you took the cookie dough!" You called out while walking into the living room. Scotty could be hiding anywhere in the house at this point. "Please give it back," you said.

You slowly cleared the whole first floor of the house and moved on to the second. You finally found Scotty laying on the ground in your bedroom with the bowl previously filled with cookie dough empty beside him.

"Babe you didn't need to eat all of it, you're going to get a stomach ache!"

"I'll be fine, don't worry." He answered with a smile.

"Remind me to make cookies at someone else's house next time." You muttered before walking out of the room with you empty cookie dough bowl, at least some of he cookies made it into the oven.

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