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You and Spock had been dating for months and he was finally getting to be better at small gestures. He would let you hold his hand sometimes or let you lean up against him, but he never really liked touching anyone.

You were ok with Spock wanting his personal space, it was just a part of who he was. One day the ship heard a distress signal and went to find out what it was. The other ship was failing so Captain Kirk agreed to let the people on the ship stay on Enterprise for a few days while you brought them back to their home planet. The crew was force to share rooms to leave room for the visitors and you ended up staying with Spock.

"I will sleep on the couch, you can sleep on the bed." Spock had said as you walked into his quarters with your things.

"Spock you won't fit on the couch, I'll sleep there." You said with a giggle picturing him trying to sleep on the small couch.

"No, I insist." Spock told you.

"Spock, we could share the bed." You offered, unsure of how the Vulcan would react.

"That would be logical." Spock answered. When it was time for bed you both got into Spock's bed on opposite sides, leaving space between you. You were nearly asleep when you felt the bed shift and suddenly arms were wrapped around you.

"Spock." You whispered, looking over your shoulder at the Vulcan with a confused look. He was sound asleep and holding on to you for dear life. You laughed quietly at him before falling asleep, comfortably in his arms.

"(Y/n)?" You woke up to Spock saying. You looked at the clock and realized it was nearly 3 in the morning.

"What?" You asked, turning to look at him.

"When did we end up like this?" He asked, questioning why the two of you were cuddling in your sleep.

"Well Spock, it seems like you enjoy cuddling in your sleep." You said with a laugh.

"Oh." Spock muttered, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, I think it's cute." You said wile giggling. Spock shrugged as if to say ok before cuddling up to you once again and falling back to sleep. You smiled at the Vulcan, who would have thought he would cuddle in his sleep.

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