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The Bad Boy Knows How to Love (#1) by paeesha
The Bad Boy Knows How to Love (#1)by paeesha
[ C O M P L E T E D ] With one finally breath, I raise my hand up and slap him across the cheek. I would've bitch slapped him but I only met him today and h...
  • funny
  • jealousy
  • badboy
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Leave the future in the past (Gilgamesh x Reader) by datboitresh
Leave the future in the past ( datboitresh
One day you find youself in the middle of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Being the (un)lucky person you are, you manage to summon Gilgamesh, one of the strongest Legendary S...
  • action
  • fate
  • slowburn
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Face Your Fears by HonorInTheRain
Face Your Fearsby Ally
Archer Morales's life is finally perfect. He's married to the girl of his dreams and finally has a job he enjoys. But when something completely unexpected happens, Arche...
  • hadley
  • paranormal
  • archer
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The Dark Archer by Gingy484
The Dark Archerby Gingy
Kylie Barton is the daughter of the famous Clint "Hawkeye" Barton. She was taught by her father at a young age in the ways of archery. When she turns 18, she d...
  • vision
  • wattys2017
  • hulk
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Kidnapped By The Prince by raen7346
Kidnapped By The Princeby Raen Pright
R A N K I N G S #188 ON THE HOT LIST FOR TEEN FICTION, JANUARY 4, 2018 #19: Taken #11: Archer #2: Hadley <><><><><><><><>...
  • prince
  • kidnap
  • newadult
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The Hound's Moon by yuutao
The Hound's Moonby Yuuta Aki
"Let me live in peace! I despise the wars... especially with what they did to my past." Not only was Yuuki Satou a unique magecraft user, she even lost her fam...
  • theinfernoawards2019
  • berserker
  • unlimitedbladeworks
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Blades of A Golden Rose (RWBY X Archer) by Raorik
Blades of A Golden Rose (RWBY X Raorik
Perseus Rose, loved by the family after being adopted by them. The one who vanished on his 4th birthday only to reappear as The Golden Archer of Remnant, fourteen years...
  • rwby
  • unlimitedbladeworks
  • archer
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The Blind Alpha | ✓  by reneefuzzybunny
The Blind Alpha | ✓ by bleepbloop
❝ What did I do to deserve you? ❞ ❝ Nothing, nothing at all, ❞ Irene Rose didn't want to be tied down by a mate, but fate was cruel when she paired her up with an Al...
  • irene
  • werewolf
  • wolf
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Hating Archer [WATTY'S 2017] by ThePsychoMadHatter
Hating Archer [WATTY'S 2017]by ☆ Shiwii ☆
Tris moved into Hemmington with her family a few days ago. Nervous about starting school again, she keeps calling her friend from New York, rambling about how nervous, y...
  • goodgirl
  • badboybadgirl
  • smoke
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Gilgamesh reborn as Naruto by Luna_Uchiha1
Gilgamesh reborn as Narutoby Luna Uchiha
What if Gilgamesh was reborn as Naruto Uzumaki.
  • gara
  • gilgamesh
  • teamseven
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Agapi / ricci rivero / by ElleeeWrites
Agapi / ricci rivero /by Agapi
COMPLETED ‼️ Kyrielle Montalbo + Ricci Rivero fanfic [70 chapters + Special Chapter]
  • epistolary
  • paolo
  • ricci
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Loving Anderson Ivers by VioletAddison
Loving Anderson Iversby Violet Addison
"You are late, princess," his voice whispered to me gingerly. I could hear the grin in his voice. "First of all," I spoke through gritted teeth. &qu...
  • katherine
  • love
  • anderson
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Rules of a Rebel by OutsideMyWindow
Rules of a Rebelby yours truly
A somewhat traumatized Peyton Monroe moves to Florida, creating a set of rules to ensure that she never again date a boy that is: a) good-looking b) popular c) flirtati...
  • neighbor
  • flirty
  • teenfiction
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Fate stay Night Remnant (emiya x weiss) vol 1 (Complete) by emiya529440
Fate stay Night Remnant (emiya x Prometheus
after unlimited blade works archer is called from gia and has told him he has been released and can start a new life if he chooses archer agrees and is reborn into remna...
  • archer
  • weissschnee
  • rwby
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the greatest ⇢ peter parker by sugarkanes
the greatest ⇢ peter parkerby 🌾
THE GREATEST. | ❝ you remind me of what i could have been. ❞ the greatest july 2017 - ? captain america: civil war © | lcrnadanes 2017
  • avengers
  • peter
  • pyrokinetic
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The adventures of a servant in the DC Universe by Demon010
The adventures of a servant in Novizio 010
My quiet life was destroyed by Zelretch. Now I'm Mystic, the Guardian of San Francisco. I must use the power of Seven Class Cards to survive in this crazy world, invoke...
  • fatestaynight
  • caster
  • archer
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A Twist of Fate (Fate Zero & Fate Stay/Night:UBW) {COMPLETE} #Wattys2016 by noc-ti-va-gus
A Twist of Fate (Fate Zero & Serein
Cover by ShimmerShey. Join our female protagonist, Eritrea Yunani, as she embarks on a quest of adventure, companionship and self-discovery. Involved in a war with a wis...
  • fate
  • lancer
  • diarmuid
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Red & Wolf by AshleyBarrera
Red & Wolfby AshleyBarrera
The fairy tales are wrong. The wolf was kind yet lonely. The girl was never scared.
  • love
  • shortstory
  • wolf
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The Roaming Archer (NaNoWrimo13&14) Complete by tg7angel
The Roaming Archer (NaNoWrimo13& tg7angel
There was a kingdom, A kingdom full of life. But that was before. Fatenturia, a kingdom once filled with hope, peace, and love, is now destroyed by Greanger, a kingdom...
  • medieval
  • love
  • nanowrimo13
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Remnant's Black Knight by Jerzeyboy95
Remnant's Black Knightby JUST BB!
Why is it always me? Why was I born? Who and where is my mother? Alive and well with her own family or is she dead? Why did I have to placed with my "father" a...
  • artoriapendragon
  • malereader
  • martha
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