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"Come on let's go!" You yelled while pulling Spock into your old high school. There was a championship basketball game and you were super excited to be in town for it.

"I am coming with you." Spock said while following you, confused by your excitement. "I do not understand the high excitement of this event." Spock admitted while everyone cheered as the players ran out.

"It's just fun," you explained with a smile before looking back at the players and cheering for every one of them.

The game went as to be expected, you yelling and Spock sitting next to you quiet and unamused.

"Just try to be excited with me, a little." You begged.

"I will try, I just do not find the enjoyment in this activity, and I'm not sure why people do."

"BECAUSE SPORTS!" You yelled back at him, making him jump ever so slightly. "People enjoy sports Spock!"

"Watching people participate in physical activity for the purpose of having a winner does not seem like an enjoyable thing to do."

"It can be, why don't you look at the artistry in the plays instead of focusing on the game overall?" You suggested, hoping he would enjoy looking at the mathematical aspect of it.

Soon Spock was watching the game with a more calculated look on his face, as if he was taking in every detail at once.

The game ended up with less than a minute left and a tie. Everyone was screaming and yelling, wanting their team to pull off a win last minute. As your team scored you started jumping up and down in excitement. Surprisingly, Spock stood up beside you and actually looked interested in the game.

There were some close calls in that last minute, and a time out only drew out the tension, but your team pulled out a two point win in the end.

"They did it!" You yelled while you walked towards the exit of the school with Spock.

"They did." Spock agreed.

"What did you think of the game?"

"Some of the moves were foolish, by others had a high probability of success. I would like to be able to analyze more of the moves in this game," Spock explained.

"You mean you would go to a game by choice?"

"I would, would you enjoy accompanying me?"

"I would like that very much," you answered with a bright smile.

"Then we will go again, together." Spock said, letting the tiniest smile flash on his face for a second.

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