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The lights had been flickering on and off on the Enterprise all day, a nearby comet was interfering with the power grid a little bit, and you were afraid.

You had bad memories of the dark form when you were little. You felt silly to be afraid of the dark as a young adult, but the fear just stuck with you.

Before you went to bed that night you turned up the brightness on your alarm clock just enough so the room was fully illuminated.

It was close to midnight when you rolled over in bed and the clock went out. You knew it was the power grid again but the total darkness scared you. After about 5 minutes you started to really panic. You instantly jumped up and started walking slowly out of your room, jumping at every sound, hoping to make it to somewhere with light.

You made it to the room closest to yours and realized there must still be power there, the lights on the door were blinking. You quickly knocked before hearing a familiar voice tell you come in. You walked in to see Scotty working at a table in the small control room.

"Hey there lass, what brings you here in the middle of the night?" He asked with a small smile.

"The power was out in my room, it freaked me out a little," you admitted blushing.

"That's no good, let me go take a look and see what I can do," Scotty said with a smile. He walked up to a power panel in the control room and worked for a movement before smiling brightly.

"It should be all fixed," he announced.

"Thanks," you said with a small smile before turning towards the door slowly and taking a deep breath and hoping the hall lights would be back on.

"Why don't I come with you to make sure?" Scotty offered, making you really smile.

"I would like that." The two of you walked out of the door to see the hallway still dark.

"Oh my, the fuse must be blown completely. I'll have to send some people to check it out in the morning. Why don't we go stay at my place?" Scotty recommended.

"Thank you," you muttered with a small smile.

"Any time lassie." You walked with Scotty to his room and he sent you off to bed. "I'll sleep on the couch."

"You shoulder have to do that," you told him.

"I don't mind," he insisted.

"No really, you can stay here," you explained. Scotty finally agreed and you each climbed into bed on opposite sides. You fell asleep easily, a bright clock in front of you and Scotty behind you.

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