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Sorry that this has taken so long, I'm hoping to have more time to write soon.

Request by sayantani1d

You walked through the crowded bar following closely behind your friend Jim Kirk. The two of you were happy to have a few weeks off of the Enterprise. You both loved the ship and the crew in it, but it was nice to have some time off.

"Jim, is that you?" you heard someone ask from behind you. Both you and Jim turned around in search of the source of the voice.

"Yeah, wow, Cindy. I havent seen you in a while." Kirk said once locating the woman who had called his name.

"It's been a few years. How are you?" She asked with a smile. You shot Kirk a questioning look, confused at who the two of you had now stopped to talk to was.

"I'm great, just back for a few weeks on shore leave." Kirk said, ignoring your questioning glance.

"You must have some great new stories. Why don't you stay a while. We need to catch up. I'll even order another round of drinks." Cindy said with a smile, clearly flirting with Kirk while totally ignoring your presence.

"We've actually got plans already." you said before grabbing Kirks arm and turning to lead him away form the table.

"Wait, I'll give you my number. You can call me and we can get together before you leave again!" Cindy exclaimed, grabbing Kirks other arm to keep him at the table.

"Don't waste your time, he's got a busy schedule until we leave. It would be pointless." you said before actually pulling Kirk away from the situation. You were angry, unbelieving that the girl would ignore you like that.  as soon as you made it out of the bar Kirk stopped suddenly. "why are you stopping?"

"I'm confused. Why did you tell Cindy off like that?" Kirk asked.

"She was looking at you like you were a fresh piece of meat, I didn't want you to get dragged back into anything. You dated her a while back didn't you?"

"You're jealous." Kirk suddenly exclaimed.

"Why would you even think that?' You shot back while crossing your arms.

"Because its true, why else would you scare off my ex like that?" You realized just then that everything Kirk was saying was true. You had fallen for the cocky captain, and it took his stupid ex to make you realize it.

"Fine, you're right. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Yeah, actually, that's exactly what I was hoping for. Why don't we go get some dinner?"

"Like, a date?" you asked cautiously.

"Exactly like a date." Kirk told you with a smile before offering you his arm and walking down the street with you, towards your favorite restaurant.

"I knew you wouldn't need Cindy's number, I just wasn't sure why yet." you said with a laugh. You'd have the thank the girl if you ever saw her again, she made you realize how hard you had fallen for your best friend.  

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