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You had planned a perfect date for during shore leave with your boyfriend Spock. You had struggled to plan dates he enjoyed in the past but figured this one would be prefect.

You found a beautiful park in the city you were staying in and set everything up. You had a big blanket spread out with a picnic basket filled with food for dinner. You had even brought a new telescope that would match the stars to the map and give scientific data on each star to the park.

Soon it was evening and you were walking Spock to the park. As the sun set the two of you ate the dinner you packed and just relaxed. Once the sun was fully set and the stars were starting to come out you went to show Spock the telescope and he seemed even more uninterested then normal.

"Is everything ok?" You asked very confused.

"I'm fine, this is just rather illogical." Spock explained.

"What's illogical? I thought looking at stars would be very logical. It also make sense to have dinner beforehand because we would be here for some time and need food and drinks." You said exasperated that something had gone wrong.

"All of that is true, the problem is the park closes at dusk. It's is after that time now." Spock explained.

You laughed at his reason for being confused, no one listened to the closing time of the park anyway.

"It's fine, can we just look at the stars, please." You asked.

"I believe that would be acceptable." Spock answered before looking at the stars through the telescope.

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