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"Can you come help me with this (y/n)?" Scotty yelled from a pipe above you in engineering.

"Sure thing." You answered with a smile. You had had the biggest crush on the adorable chief engineer for the longest time.

"I need you to hand me that wrench". Scotty said once you walked up. You spend the next hour or so just handing him tools and watching him fix some circuitry in a broken panned up above you.

"I think that ought to do the trick. Let's fire it up." Scotty said while climbing down. He walked to the other side of the room and turned the panel he had been working in back on. The lights in the panel started working immediately and nothing sparked or seemed out of sorts.

"Looks good to me" You told him.

"Great, there's another one out on D-deck, do you think you could go take a look." He asked you with a smile you could never say no to.

"No problem, I'll go right now." You said with a smile back. You made your way up to D-deck and got to work fixing the panel. You had just finished when your communicator went off.

"Hello?" You asked, wondering who called you.

"Hi, how's the panel going?" A familiar Scottish voice asked from the other side of the line.

"Great, I just finished." You explained.

"Wonderful, I'll see you soon then, bye". Scotty said.

"Bye, love you." You ended the call before realizing what you had said and panicking. How would you go into engineering and see him now? You walked extreamly slowly to engineering, hoping to just wait until your shift was over and leave quickly. You walked in just as your shift ended and put your tools away. You were walking out of engineering when Scotty stopped you.

"Hey (y/n)," He started, "about what you said earlier."

"I'm sorry it was out of habit and I should've thought ahead and-"

"Don't worry so much, how about we talk about it over dinner?" Scotty interrupted with a bright smile.

"I would like that a lot". You admitted while blushing dark red.

"Good, I'll pick you up outside your room at 7 tonight?" Scotty questioned.

"That sounds great, I'll see you then." You answered before walking out, blushing and smiling. Never before had an embarrassing mistake turned out that good in the end.

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